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Friday, June 30, 2017

20 Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries are the fruit produced from the perennial plant, which can attend the height of around six meters. Due to the aesthetic appealing taste and many health benefits upon the consumption the interest in this food is contently on rising.

Blueberries are widely praised for the weight loss and cancer prevention power. The dark color of the berries is taken as the symbol of the high in the antioxidant.


Blackberry is lush with the essential nutrient required by the human body. The major fraction of the blackberries comprises of the carbohydrate, which comprises of more than nine percent by volume. More than half of the carbohydrate comprises of the soluble and insoluble fiber.

It has less than one percent of fat and greater than one percent of protein in it.

Vitamins present in the blackberries include vitamin A, C, E, K and various B-complex vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9.

Minerals present in the Blackberry include the Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and Zinc in varying concentration (1).

Health Benefits of Blackberries

1. Weight Loss

High dietary fiber innate in the blackberry is beneficial in losing the weight in the body. Soluble fiber prevents the occurrence of diabetes reduce cholesterol. Whereas insoluble fiber helps in the smooth digestion of the food.

The goodness of the vitamins and minerals innate in the blackberries helps in losing the weight from the body.

Further blackberries are lush with the antioxidant and another essential nutrient, which are beneficial in the prevention of the several ailments in the human body (2).

2. Cancer Prevention

The high level of the antioxidant followed by the goodness of the flavonoids in the blackberries is beneficial in the prevention of cancer.

Further, the boosting of the immunity due to the presence of the various vitamins is beneficial in preventing cancer (3).

3. Vision

The presence of the trace amount of the vitamin A in the blackberry is beneficial in producing healthy vision (4).

4. Heart

The potassium innate in the blackberry is beneficial in optimum functioning of the heart. Further, high soluble fiber in the blueberry is beneficial in mentioning the adequate level of the cholesterol in the blood (5).

5. Blood Clotting

The presence of the adequate amount of the vitamin K in the blueberry is beneficial for the normal clotting of the blood (6).

The adequate blood clotting mechanism is vital to prevent the internal and the external hemorrhage in the body.

6. Digestion

The goodness of the high fiber in the blackberry is beneficial for the smooth bowel movement (7). 

7. Boost Immunity

The Presence of several immunes boosting vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, iron and zinc the immunity get spruced up (8).

Boosting of the immunity helps in the prevention of the several ailments caused by the lack of the immunity in the body.

8. Conative Function

The polyphenolics innate in the blackberries are beneficial in the prevention of the cognitive decline in the human body (9).

For better cognitive function it is advised to consume blackberries on daily basis.

9. Pregnancy

The high content of the Folate also known as folic acid combined with the beneficial effect of the several vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidant and others present in the blackberry produces beneficial effect during the pregnancy (10). 

10. Prolong life

The high antioxidant present in the berries is beneficial in the prevention of the damaging effect of the free radical in the cell. The antioxidants are beneficial in the prevention of the adverse damage to the cell (11).

The boosting of the immunity by the intake of blackberries is effective to ward off several infections occurring in the body.

11. Healthy Bone

The presence of the calcium, magnesium and phosphorous innate in the blueberries is beneficial in obtaining healthy bone. The roles of the magnesium to obtain healthy bone are often neglected but is of immense use (12).

Further, high amount of the vitamin K in the blackberry is beneficial in obtaining the healthy bone.

12. Acne

Acne is the inflammation of the skin and is marked by symptoms like a pimple in the skin.

Food high in the antioxidant helps in the combat against the acne occurrence (13).

13. Acid Reflux

Several berries including the blackberries are considered safer to consume by the one suffering from the acid reflux (14).

14. Fertility

The goodness of the nutrients combined with the lush of antioxidant and fiber is beneficial in the boosting of the fertility (15).

15. Gout

Gout is the inadequate metabolism of the uric acid characterized by the pain and inflammation in the joints. This can cause great noisome for anyone suffering from it (16).

High level of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property of the blackberries is beneficial in the prevention of gout.

16. Kidney

Blackberries contain various essential nutrients required for the normal functioning of the human body. Further, the high antioxidant present in the blackberries is beneficial in obtaining the healthy kidney (17).

17. Liver

The beneficial effect of the innate nutrient in the blackberry it is often claimed as liver friendly food (18).

18. Skin

The Presence of the vitamin E and other beneficial nutrient consuming blackberries is beneficial to obtain the charming skin (19).

The presence of the ellagic acid in the blackberry helps in the protection of the skin from the adverse effect of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

19. Anti Inflammations

Food high in the antioxidant has the potent anti-inflammatory properties. The anthocyanin’s in the blackberries serves as the potent anti-inflammatory property (20).

20. Regulate Menstruation Cycle

The beneficial effect of the goodness of the nutrition and other essential compounds is beneficial to regulate menstruation cycle.

For the best result, it is essential to take the regular intake of the blackberries (21).

Side Effect

The tannins innate in the back berry have the innate potential to develop the tumors upon the consumption in high volume.


The high amount of the tannins in the blackberry can cause nausea if consumed in massive amount.


Anyone with the history of allergy to other berries needs to take precaution before consumption of berry.

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