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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sources, Symptoms, and Adverse Effect of Zinc

Zinc is the essential mineral required for the adequate functioning of the human body. The deficiency of the zinc can cause several adverse effects in the human health some are severe. It is essential to adequately understand about the zinc.

Sources of Zinc

There are various sources of zinc some common are Oysters, Meat, Various Seafood, Nuts like Cashew and Almonds and Grains, Yogurt, Cheese, etc. 

Daily Value of Zinc

The Daily value of the zinc is 15 milligram for the adult and children with age greater than 4 Years (1).

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

1. Infertility

Zinc is vital for the optimum functioning of the male and female reproductive organ. Chronic zinc deficiency causes low sperm count in male and malfunction in the absorption of the female reproductive hormone.

2. Taste and Smell

Zinc is essential to the mention the adequate functioning of the sense and smell of the human body (2).

3. Weight Loss

There are several kinds of research pointing out the association of the weight loss with the intake of the adequate amount of zinc on the daily basis (3).

4. Loss of Appetite

Often the loss of appetite can be traced its origin to the deficiency of the zinc in the regular diet (4).

5. Healing Wound

Lethargic wound healing is sometimes associated with the lack of the zinc in the regular diet (5).

6. Eye and Skin

Rash in the skin and erosive lesions around the eye are often resulted due to the deficiency of the zinc in the diet.

7. Diabetes

Due to the regulation of the glucose by the intake of the zinc occurrence of diabetes can be prevented.

8. Joint Pain

The deficiency of the zinc often causes the joint pain.

Danger of High Intake of Zinc

1. High Blood Pressure

Intake of the high amount of the zinc in the regular diet can elevate the blood pressure in the human body  (6).

2. Prostate Cancer

High intake of the zinc often associated with the occurrence of the prostate cancer in the male (7).

3. Kidney Stone

High level of the zinc in the believed to trigger the occurrence of the kidney stone  (8).

Auxiliary Zinc Supplement

Due to several noisome effects of the zinc due to its consumption at higher volume. It is not safe to consume the auxiliary supplement of zinc without medical contentious.

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