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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

25 Health Benefits of Clean Drinking Water

Water is vital for all the living begins around the globe. The composition of the water varies with the organism. It can be tentatively estimated that human body comprises of around sixty percent of water. Further, the brain and heart comprise of seventy-three and lungs comprise eighty-three percent of water (1).

Water performs various vital activities in the human body. Due to this, it is essential to take the adequate amount of water every day. As water is contently lost in the body through urine, sweat, evaporation and other means. These necessitate adequate compensation.

How Much Water is Required Every Day?

There is the old saying that 8-ounce glasses of water is required every day. But, what about the size of the glass? This tends to be around 1.9 liters of water per day.

Generalizing drinking 2 liters or half a gallon of water can be considered as the good for the human health (2).

Universal Solvent

Water is often referred to as the universal solvent which dissolves almost all the solute. This is the peculiar characteristic of the water due to this major proportion of the human body comprising of water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

1. Weight Loss

The beneficial effect on the body due to the drinking of the adequate amount of water such as enhancing the metabolism combined with the removal of the toxins from the body, regulating the appetite produces health benefits.

The cumulative effect of the best due to the consumption of the water results in effective weight loss in the human body (3).

2. Skin

The balance of the oil and water is beneficial to obtain the healthy skin. Drinking adequate amount of water for long period of time enhances the healthy skin (4).

Due to the beneficial effect drinking, the adequate amount of water has the anti-aging effects.

3. Hair

Bathing with the cold water produces several beneficial effects in the hair, which produces the shining and attractive hair.

Due to the boosting of the natural ability for faster and smoother hair growth consumption of the water helps to produce attractive hair (5).

4. Healthy Immune System

Due to effective epilation of the toxin by the intake of water increases the oxygen retention in the human body.

This can have the beneficial effect of boosting the immune system in the human body (6).

5. Soothe Headache

A headache is often associated with the fatigue, which can be cured by drinking the water in adequate amount (7).

6. Boost Energy

There are several types of research pointing out the increase in the energy and drinking of water (8).

7. Stimulates Saliva

Water is responsible for the secretion of the saliva from the salivary gland. Lack of the saliva production in the salivary gland is technically referred to as the Xerostomia (9).
Drinking adequate amount of Water can be the potent cure for this disorder.

8. Smooth Circulation

Drinking adequate amount of water is associated with the smooth circulation of the blood in the human body (10).

Due to this nature water is often considered as the potential to facilitate smooth circulation of the blood.

9. Thermoregulation

Water performs these vital activities by the sweating and respiration (11).

It is vital to drink the adequate amount of water after the regular exercise for the effective thermoregulation of the body.

10. Facilitate Digestion

Intake of the adequate amount of water is beneficial for the normal digestion of the human body. Due to the beneficial effect of the water in breaking and the absorption of the nutrient. It is beneficial in the combat against constipation (12).

11. Kidney Health

Adequate consumption of the water drastically demises the occurrence of the kidney stones in the human body (13).

Due to this kidney health is drastically improved.

12. Heart Ailments

Hydration is the key to the optimum functioning of the heart. Due to the effective working of the lungs by adequate pumping of the blood. Consumption of the water can ease several ailments of the heart (14).

13. Potent Hangover Remedy

Dehydration is the main culprit for the noisome hangover occurrence.

Drinking adequate amount of water can cure the hangover (15).

14. Enhance Cognitive Functions

Brain comprise seventy percent of water. The dehydration has the profound impact on the adequate cognitive functioning (16).

15. Alertness

The consumption of the adequate amount of water is claimed to enhance the alertness (17).

16. pH Balance

The intake of the water is associated with the pH balance in the human body (18).

17. Metabolism

Intake of the adequate amount of water is associated with the increase in the metabolism in the human body. This is due to the goodness of the hydration.

There are several types of research pointing the association of the boosting of the metabolic rate up to thirty percent and consumption of the water (19).

18. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the stage which requiring around 2.3 liters of fluid every day in the forms of juice, milk, drinks, and water (20).

Further, water acts as the suck absorber of the fetus thus preventing injuries of various kinds.

19. Transfer of Nutrient and Oxygen

The bathing medium of the cell for mammals, which include human, is the water. Further, water helps in the nutrient exchange and transfer of the oxygen to the various part of the human body (21).

20. Lubricating Joint

Due to the beneficial effect of removing the waste from the joint. Consumption of the water is associated with the lubrication of the joints and spine (22).

21. Shock Absorber of Brain and Spinal Chord

Water is well renounced for absorbing the shock in the brain and spinal chord.
These are the delicate organs and needs the intensive care (23).

22. Cell Division

Water is vital for the division of the cell. The deficiency of the adequate amount of water causes hindrance in the cell division. In the chronic deficiency of the water cell division gets completely stops (24).

23. Dehydration

This is the result due to inadequate intake of the water on the daily basis. Sometimes chronic dehydration does not show any adverse symptoms, especially in the dry climates. It is essential to drink the adequate amount of water on the daily basis (25).

24. Muscle Building

Although the water consumption is often considered inferior for muscle building. Consumption of the adequate amount of water is vital for muscle buildings (26).

25. Wrinkles

Chronic dehydration can cause the cell damage resulting in the appearance of the wrinkles (27).

Risk of Consuming Huge Volume of Water

Drinking Massive volume of water in the short period of time poses the hidden risk of the hypernatremia. This is due to the steep decline in the level of the salt in the human body. This can sometimes lead to the fatal condition.

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