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Sunday, May 28, 2017

17 Health Benefits of Borage

Borage is the annual flowering herb. Claimed to be native to the Mediterranean region it is available around the globe. Commercial cultivators often cultivate this for the seed oil.

The borage plant can attend the height of around 100 centimeters when fully grown. The color of the flower varies from blue, white, and pink with the majority of the flowers is pink in color.

The flower of the borage is sweet in taste and often used in the various culinary manual. Further, the borage is often consumed as the fresh vegetable, which mimics the taste of the cucumber.

Health Benefits of Borage

1. Healthy Immune System

The intake of the borage seed oil is often associated with the boosting of the immunity of the human body (1).
The healthy immune system has the prime importance in attending the healthy life.
Various ailments in the human body are caused due to the lack of the immunity in the body.

2. Prevent Cancer

There is the distinct relation with the intake of borage seed oil and minimize the occurrence of cancer in the human body (2).
Various Cancer like prostate, breast, and liver can be minimized by the intake of borage.

The occurrence of the cancer is rising and recent researchers are pointing out the simple diet modification can prevent some forms of cancer.

3. Anti Protozoa Especially Amoeba

The borage oil has the anti-protozoan characteristic, which is effective in the prevention of the several protozoan bacteria, especially the ameba and the giardia (3).

Protozoans are the unicellular organism and various protozoon causes a number of disease in the human body. Commonly protozoa like ameba and giardia are blamed for the upset of the intestine.

4. Heart Ailments

The use of the Borage is often associated with the demise of the ailments of the heart, which is effective in soothing various heart disease and stroke (4).
The healing property of the herb is traditionally used for several purposes among them is to obtain healthy heart.

5. Intestine

Borage oil is in beneficial for the optimal functioning of the intestine (5).

6. Urinary Tract Infection

Traditionally borage has been in use as the potent cure of the urinary tract infection in the human body (6).

7. Healthy Hair

To attend the long and attractive hair borage oil can be of great use. There are several types of research pointing out the demise in the hair loss and the application of the borage oil. The essential fatty acid innate in the borage is claimed to beneficial in obtaining healthy hair (7).

8. Charming Skin

The innate goodness of the anti-inflammatory property combined with the presence of the fatty acid is beneficial to obtain the charming skin. This is the prime reason why the borage oil is used in the skin (8).

9. Soothe Diabetes

The use of the borage oil is claimed to soothe diabetes in several individuals. This is due to the reduction of the sugar level in the human body (9).
Although there is no precise medication to cure diabetes the healing property of the borage oil is claimed to be effective in soothing diabetes.

10. Mood Swing

Traditionally borage is used in the treatment of the depression. The mood swings associated with the menopause and the borage oil can soothe mensuration cycle (10).


11. Arthritis

Due to the boosting of the immune system followed by the ability to fight the inflammation in the human body. Consumption of the borage is claimed to soothe the arthritis occurrence in the human body (11).

12. Cystitis

Cystitis is the inflammation of the urinary bladder wall and often generally referred to as the urinary tract infection.

Borage oil is effective in the prevention of the bladder infection (12).

13. Hormonal Imbalance

Gamma Linolenic acid in the borage oil helps in the maintenance of the hormonal balance in the human body (13).

Hormonal imbalance can cause series of noisome effects in the human health.

14. ADHD

Attention Defective Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the disorder in the children. These diseases create series of disturbance in the child development. Further, there is on any precise medication to cure this disease.

Consumption of borage oil is claimed to produce the beneficial effect during the occurrence of the ADHD (14).

15. Promote Breast Productions

The Presence of the phytoestrogens in the borage oil is claimed to enhance the production of the milk in the infant (15).

Although there is much literature available claiming that the use of the borage is not suitable for lactating women.

16. Healthy Bone

Intake of the Borage oil is associated with the beneficial effect on the bone health (16).

17. Fever

Borage oil is often used in the treatment of the fever in different individuals (17).

Traditionally, Borage is often used in the treatment of fever.

Side Effect

The intake of the borage seed oil should be taken with the caution. As the prrolizidine alkaloids in the seed are claims to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to liver i.e. hepatotoxic. Anyone taking alcohol on the regular basis is advised to abstain from the borage oil due to possible liver disease.

1. Pregnant

Borage oil is often not recommended during the pregnancy. Due to several issues which can possibly cause the problem during pregnancy (18).
Pregnancy is considered as one of the critical stages and there is various food which needs to abstain during the pregnancy.  

2. Kidney Stones

Borage oil is claimed to interfere with the kidney stone. Anyone with the history of the kidney stone is advised to abstain from the borage oil due to potential interaction (19).

3. Diarrhea and Constipation

These are the frequently encountered health problems by the intake of the borage oil (20).

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