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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

16 Health Benefits of Sunlight

There is no doubt that sun in the ultimate source of energy that drives the life on earth. Life on the earth is virtually impossible in absence of the sunlight.

Plant required sunlight for the valuable activities called the photosynthesis the process by which plant use the carbon dioxide in the air and water to manufacture the glucose and oxygen, which is used for the cellular respiration by the aerobic organisms.

From the beginning of time human has been spending the considerable amount of time outdoor. During the hunting-gathering revolution, our ancestors used to spend the majority of the time in sunlight.

Now a day due to sedentary lifestyle people is not getting sunlight than before. This is creating lots of ailments in the human health.

Merely ten-minute exposure to the sunlight during morning and evening is beneficial to make an adequate amount of vitamin D for the human body. There is the need to take serious consideration of the exposure to the sunlight.

It is generally perceived that the health benefits of the sunlight are limited to the synthesized of the vitamin D in the humans. But in reality, there are various health benefits of the sun exposure, which are described in this article.

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What is the Sun?

Types of UV Radiation

Health Benefits of Sunlight

1. Healthy Bone
2. Hair
3. Skin
4. Insomnia
5. Blood Pressure
6. Diabetes
7. Cavities in Teeth
8. Psoriasis
9. Cancer
10. Sclerosis
11. Alzheimer’s Disease
12. Depression
13. Heart
14. Arthritis
15. Acne
16. Fertility Enhancer


There is the common misconception that exposure to the sunlight causes the melanoma and various other cancer in the skin. But, this is not always the case. Exposing to the sun rays at morning and evening can benefit anyone anxious about the harmful radiation.

What is the Sun?

Sun is the giant nuclear fusion reactor running in the hydrogen fuel. Due to the limitation of the hydrogen in the sun, which provides the limitation on the energy, obtained from it. In concise, Sunlight is the radiation emitted due to nuclear fusion.

Types of UV Radiation

There are three types of ultraviolet radiation they are A, B, and C respectively. The ozone in the stratosphere is meant to block entire UV-C radiation and half of the UV-B radiation.

The wavelength of the UV-A, B, and C has different wavelength due to this different intensity.

Ultraviolet radiation A has the longer wavelength hence smaller frequency, the UV-B radiation has the wavelength intermediate between A and C. The C his the shorter wavelength hence higher frequency (1).

Health Benefits of Sunlight

1. Healthy Bone

The synthesizing of the vitamin D by the exposure of the sunlight by the ultraviolet radiation produces several beneficial effects in the human body. Exposing merely ten to fifteen hours in the sun can be beneficial to obtain the adequate vitamin D in the human body (2).

2. Hair

Moderate exposure to the sun rays is beneficial to the hair. Massive exposure to the sun rays causes several unwanted consequences (3).

3. Charming Skin

Exposure to the sunlight is claimed to produce several beneficial effects in the skin by preventing various chronic disease like Psoriasis (4).
Sunlight is often considered as the culprit for the occurrence of cancer in the human body (5). 

4. Cure Insomnia

Sunlight is considered as the potent in curing insomnia. Due to the simulation of the brain by the sunlight entering the eye helps in the preventing the insomnia occurrence (6).

5. Control Blood Pressure

There are various researches pointing out that the exposure to the sunlight causes the lowering of the blood pressure in the human body (7).

6. Prevents Diabetes

The nitric oxide gas is released during the exposure to the sunlight is claimed to be effective in control of the metabolism leading to slow in weight gain (8).

7. Prevents Cavities in Teeth

As vitamin D is considered better in the preventing the occurrence of the dental cavities. Due to this exposure to the sunlight is vital to prevent the dental cavities (9).

There is the distinct association with the exposure to the sun and occurrence of the cavities in the teeth.

8. Psoriasis Prevention

The Red marks psoriasis, scaly patches on the skin. Exposure to the sunlight is vital to minimize the occurrence of psoriasis in the human body (10).

9. Minimize Cancer Occurrence

Exposure to the sunlight is effective in the prevention of the various types of cancer like Prostate, Breast, and Colorectal. It is estimated that the occurrence of the cancer is reduced by almost half by the exposure of the ultraviolet radiation (11).

10. Sclerosis

Sclerosis is the condition in which the tissue in the human body gets hardens. Recent researchers are pointing out the demise in the occurrence of sclerosis and the exposure to the sunlight (12).

11. Alzheimer’s Disease

The relation between the vitamin D and the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s disease are the established tent.

Sunlight exposure enhances the vitamin D synthesis, which is effective in the prevention of the Alzheimer’s (13).

12. Prevent Depression

Inadequate exposure to the sunlight causes the lethargic secretion of the serotonin level in the human body. Low serotonin level triggers the seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is also the form of the depression which can be prevented by the adequate exposure to the sun (14).

13. Healthy Heart

Sunlight is effective in lowering the cholesterol in the human body, which is beneficial to obtain healthy heart.

Sunlight exposure is claimed to produces several beneficial effects to obtain the healthy heart in the human body (15).

14. Arthritis

This is the inflammation of the joints. Exposure to the sunlight is effective in treating chronic arthritis in the human body (16).


15. Soothe Acne

Spending less than twenty minutes in the sun every day is claimed to soothe the acne in the human body (27).
Although the relation of the acne and sunlight is widely debated topic.

16. Fertility Enhancer

Exposure to the sunlight is claimed to boost the fertility in both the male and female. This is due to the synthesis of the vitamin D by the exposure to the sun and many other benefits (18).

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