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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sources, Symptoms, and Importance of the Vitamin D

Due to the humongous importance to the human health vitamin D is vital for good health. The Chronic deficiency of the vitamin D causes rickets, which causes the deformation of the bone in various individuals.

Vitamin D is the fat-soluble vitamin due to this daily intake of the vitamin is not required (1).

Hindrance of Vitamin D Synthesis

Vitamin D synthesis is hinder by living in the place devoid of the sunlight and having the dark skin.

Sources of the Vitamin D

There are various sources of the vitamin D some are the Fish, Tuna, Salmon, Liver, Milk, Cheese, Egg Yolk. Etc.  Fortification of the Vitamin D in various industrial products often contain an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Exposure to the sunlight naturally creates the vitamin D. 

Importance of Vitamin D

1. Healthy Bone

Vitamin D is vital for the healthy bone as they are essential to absorb the calcium from the bone. This is essential to prevent rickets. Along with the vitamin D Folic acid also serves as the beneficial functions.

2. Cancer Prevention

Vitamin D consumption is associated with the reduction in the occurrence of cancer in the human body. There are several research pointing out the relation of the reduce in the occurrence of cancer and the intake of the Vitamin D.

3. Immune System

The consumption of the vitamin D is associated with the boosting of the immune system in the human body.

4. Depression

Consumption of the vitamin D is associated with the reduction in the occurrence of the depression in the human body.

5. Heart Disease

There is the distinct relation with the reduction in the occurrence of the stroke and consumption of the vitamin D.


There are various forms of the vitamin D and they are broadly categorized into two forms one is the D2 and the other is D3.

Daily Value

The Daily Value of the vitamin D is 400 IU and is recommended above four years of age (2).


There are rare cases of the vitamin D toxicity. Consuming vitamin D without the medical contentious causes the vitamin D overdoses, which is often, can produce several adverse effects on the human health.

Massive intake of the vitamin D during pregnancy causes the mental retardation and facial deformities in the developing baby (3).

Vitamin D Supplement

There is various Vitamin D supplement available in the Market. There is the need to take adequate precaution before taking the supplement of the vitamin D due to various adverse side effects.

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