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Sunday, April 9, 2017

36 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Eggplant

Eggplant is one of the widely consumed vegetable around the Globe. It is commonly known as Bringle or Aubergine.  This plant is given the name eggplant due to the fact that its shape resembles the egg of the hen.

Eggplant plant is closely related to the tomato and the potato. Due to several health benefits upon the consumption of the eggplant, it is widely consumed vegetable around the globe. Eggplant is considered native to Asia.

Eggplant is the annual and perennial plant depending on the species. Generally, the life cycle of the eggplant lasts for less than one year. This plant can merely attend the height of more than 150 Centimeters.

The fruit of the eggplant varies in the shape, size and the color. Generally, the shape of the eggplant is oval to elongated and the color varies from yellow to green, purple, etc. Immature eggplant is green in color and changes to respective color upon maturity.


Eggplant grows well in the temperate type of the climate. Farmers in the tropical and subtropical region cultivate them in the winter season. 


Eggplants are often propagated with the help of the seeds. Generally, seeds are shown in the nursery, which requires intensive care and constant monitoring.  When the plants attend adequate growth they are ready to transfer and are manually transfers in the suitable places like that of the Tomato (1).


There are the recorded cases of the allergic reaction on the consumption of the eggplant. Allergies in the different part of the body especially in the stomach, skin occurs on several individuals.

The majority of the eggplant is often consumed after deep frying. This drastically increases the fat content and salt in the eggplant leading to the adverse health condition.

The oxalates present in the eggplant often contribute to the stone formation in the kidney.

Due to the diuretic nature of the eggplant, it is recommended to consume eggplant in moderation.

During the cutting process stainless still, needs to be used instead of the carbon steel due to the potential reaction.


The eggplant is lush with the goodness of the essential nutrient required fro the human body. Around six percent of the eggplant is comprised of the carbohydrate of which half of it is comprised of the dietary fiber. It has around one percent protein by volume and the negligible amount of fat.

The vitamins present in the eggplant are Vitamin K, E, C, and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount.

The minerals present in the eggplant are the Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc in the varying concentration (2).

Health Benefits of the Eggplant

1. Weight Loss

Eggplant is vital for losing the unwanted weight from the body. Due to the negligible amount of fat combined with the high amount of the dietary fiber it can be beneficial to obtain the healthy weight (3).

The weight loss is accelerated by the intake of the high fiber diet that reduces the carving of the food due to the lethargic release of glucose in the blood.  

Obesity is rapidly taking the form of the epidemic and the eggplant has the capacity to combat such epidemic.

2. Anemia

This is the disease marked by the deficiency of the iron in the daily diet. Eggplant containing iron which can be beneficial in the combat of the anemia in the human body (4).

Further, the presence of the folic acid drastically increases the health benefits of the consumption of the eggplant.

3. Thyroid Problems

Eggplant contains trace amount of copper, which is vital for the optimum functioning of the thyroid gland in the human body. The deficiency of the copper is often associated with the abnormality of the thyroid gland (5).

Both the hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism causes the adverse effect on the human health. The less secretion decreases the metabolic rate resulting in the spike of the body weight. More secretion of the thyroid hormone causes increases in metabolic rate leading to the steep decline in normal weight.

4. Migraine

It sounds wonders that consumption of the eggplant can minimize the effect from a migraine. This is due to the fact that the deficiency of the iron is sometimes associated with a migraine in the human brain (6).

5. Bowel Movement

Adequate bowel movement is vital to facilitate the process of the excretion in the human body. The innate fiber, which comprises of around three percent by volume is beneficial for the optimum bowel movement (7).

Chronic constipation causes different disease in the human body that can be minimized by the adequate bowel movement.

6. Immunity Booster

Immunity can be boosted due to the presence of the Vitamin C that is the essential component for the optimum boosting of immunity in the human body (8). Further, the presence of the manganese increases the overall immunity of the human body.

Boosting of the immunity helps in the minimizing the occurrence of the different diseases in the human body.

7. Adequate Cholesterol Level

The consumption of the eggplant demises the bad cholesterol in the human blood. This is due to the presence of the adequate fiber, which has the cholesterol-lowering properties (9).

8.  Gut Flora

The innate high fiber in the eggplant helps in the proliferation of the gut bacteria leading to several health benefits (10).

The optimum level of the beneficial bacteria is vital for the adequate functioning of the gut and to leads the healthy life.

9. Bone Heath

The presence of the essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus in the eggplants produces several beneficial effects on the human health (11).

Due to this aliments like the osteoporosis can be prevented by the constant intake of the eggplant.

10. Prevent Cancer

The goodness of the antioxidant, fiber, vitamin C acts synergistically in the prevention in the occurrence of cancer in the human body (12).

The Presence of the nasunin and chlorogenic acid in the eggplant acts as the potent antioxidant on preventing the several ailments in the human body.

11. Prevent Miscarriage

The presence of the folic acid in the eggplant which has the capacity to prevent the miscarriage causes the demise in the chance of miscarriage during the early stage of the pregnancy (13).

It is advised to consume eggplant to increases the chance of conception due to the beneficial effect of the innate folic acid.

12. Boost the Cognitive Power

The goodness of the essential nutrients and anthocyanin phytonutrient causes boosting in the overall cognitive power of the brain (14).

Due to the adequate content of the iron that is vital for the transfer of the oxygen to the various part of the body. Consumption of the eggplant boosts the cognitive function in the brain leading to several beneficial effects in various part of the body including the brain.  

13. Antimicrobial

The antimicrobial properties of the eggplant are beneficial to combat the different disease arises due to the pathogenic bacteria in the human health (15).

13. Alzheimer’s

The presence of the antioxidant like the nasunin can demise the occurrence of the Cancer in the human body (16).

14. Prevent Diabetes

The innate high fiber in the Eggplant is effective in the controlled release of the glucose in the blood. Further, eggplant is low in the carbohydrate which drastically reduces the occurrence of diabetes in the human body (17).

It has been traditionally believed that consumption of the eggplant reduces the occurrence of Diabetic in the human body.

15. Blood Clotting

Blood clotting is vital for the good health. Eggplant is lush in the vitamin K and bioflavonoids that are vital for the optimum functioning of blood clotting mechanism in the human body (18).

16. Birth Defect

There has been claimed that consumption of the eggplant reduces the defects such as neural tube defects in the infant. This is due to the innate Folic acid or Folate present in the eggplant (19).

17. Prevent from the Adverse effect of Ultraviolet Radiation

The innate goodness of the eggplant due to the various phytochemical and nutrient is beneficial in the combat of the damaging effect at the cellular level.

The presence of vitamin C, E drastically increases the defensive function of the human body against the damaging effect of radiation (20).

18. Adequate Vision

This is due to the presence of the anthocyanins in the eggplant that is beneficial to obtain the healthy vision in the human body (21).

19. Lower Blood Pressure

This is due to the presence of the bioflavonoids in the eggplant that is effective in the easing the effect of the blood pressure (22).

20. Allergies

Although there is the case of allergic reaction in the consumption of the eggplant.

The innate Chlorogenic acid in the eggplant is believed to effective in erasing various allergic symptoms (23).

21. Healthy Hair

The innate goodness of the vitamin E, which is the potent antioxidant, helps to keep the healthy hair (24).

Further, the presence of the essential nutrient in the eggplant needed for the healthy hair drastically increases the health benefit upon the consumption.

22.  Ease in Menstrual Pain

The presence of the vitamin K, which has the capacity to regulate the hormone, prevents the menstrual pain (25).

23. Healthy Oral Health

Due to the innate vitamin C that is essential to mention the healthy gum. Regular consumption of the eggplant produces several beneficial effects to the health (26).

24. Inflammation

Nasunin in the eggplant flight with the inflammation occurring in the human body (27).

25. Infertility

There is the relation with intake of minerals like Manganese with the combat against infertility (28).

Eggplants contain the adequate amount of the manganese that is helpful in the remedy of infertility.

26. Prevent Wrinkles

The lush in the antioxidant in the eggplant is effective in the combat of the wrinkles and fine lines which are often encountered at the advanced age (29).

27 Ease the Occurrence of Dandruff

The occurrence of dandruff got checked due to the presence of the various minerals and vitamin required for the optimum functioning of the human body (30).

28. Remove Toxin

Excess accumulation of the iron in the body produces several unwanted consequences. Iron can act as the free radicals and accelerate the process of damage to the free radical in the cell.

Eggplants contain Nasunin that is claimed to have the power to expel the excess iron from the body (31).

29. Healthy liver

A healthy liver is obtained due to regular consumption of the Eggplant due to the acceleration in the production of the bile in the liver (32).

30. Depression

Depression can be combated by the regular intake of the Eggplant. This is due to the goodness of the antioxidant combined with the several nutritional benefits (33).

31. Ease the Warts

Warts is caused by the virus and the eggplant has the antimicrobial properties which can retard the occurrence of warts in the human body (34).

32. Insomnia

Insomnia is often associated with the lack of minerals like potassium and iron in the regular diet. Adequate functioning of the heart is essential to induce sound sleep (35).

Further, the presence of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the eggplant claims to be beneficial to induce sound sleep.

33. Acid Reflux

Eggplant is the alkaline in nature due to this intake of the eggplant provide the potent remedy for the acid reflux in the human body (36).

34. Hemorrhoid

This is the potent problem affecting several individuals around the globe. Applying few slice of eggplant in the affected part and lifting for few minutes can be beneficial in the combat of the hemorrhoids (37).

This only works on the first phase of Hemorrhoids.

35. Smell and Taste

The presence of the zinc in eggplant is claimed to be beneficial for the adequate functioning of smell and taste (38).

36. Common Cold

Due to the goodness of the photochemical combined with the vitamins C, E, K and minerals like Zinc, Iron that is beneficial in the combat against the common cold in the human body (39).

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