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Thursday, April 6, 2017

32 Science Backed Health Benefits of Coconut

Human has been consuming coconut from the long time back. Coconut flourishes well in the soil high in moisture due to this coconut are found proximity to the water bodies like the ocean beach.

Coconut can be regarded as the seed or the fruit. It is the widely used plant due to the humongous health benefit.

The immature coconut or the young coconut contain water in it is considered higher nutritious for every age group due to lush in the goodness of the essential nutrient required for the human body.

The matured seed contain inner flesh or meat with the adequate amount of water. The crushed product resulting of the meat and the water is called the coconut milk.

Highly mature fruit falls from the tree and can be stored for longer period of time. They are lush with the oil and water is virtually absent in it. The coconut oil obtained is from the mature coconuts that are stored for longer period of time.

Coconut tree can attend the immense height of more than 30 meters upon full maturity. The coconut tree is noted for the longer life that is it can survive for around sixty to eighty years.

In past, coconut use to be blamed for several health disorders like the artery clogging, high is cholesterol, which can result in several adverse effects in the health especially the heart. But later intensive research in the coconut debunks such notion. Now the coconut is included in the list of healthy fruit.


Coconut is mostly propagated through seeds or the fruit. The plant takes the long period of time to bear the fruit. It takes around ten years to start bearing the fruit.

Climatic Requirement

Coconut tree flourishes in the warmer type of the climate and grows well in the tropical and subtropical climate. Coconut tree prefers high moisture and sandy soil and is highly resistance to the salinity.


For optimum heath benefits, it is essential to uses the raw coconut. The canned milk, oil available is subjected to immense heat and chemical procession. This causes the demise in the health benefits.

Hot to Eat Coconut

The meat of the coconut is cover by two layers. One is the outer covering husk and the other is the thin shield.

First, the husk that is the outer covering needs to be removed by forceful strike or by other mechanical means.

Second, the protective inner covering of the kernel needs to be removed carefully by using the knife or other gears.

The process to prepare coconut for the consumption is the grueling process and can put novice extremely frustrated.


Coconut meat is lush with the goodness of the nutrient. The predominate part of the coconut comprises of the fat which represents thirty-three percent of the total volume of which saturated fat comprise of around thirty percent by volume.

The carbohydrate comprises of around fifteen percent of which nine gram is comprised of the dietary fiber.

The protein comprises of more than three percent by volume. The protein content in the coconut can be considered significantly higher than other fruits available.

Vitamins present in the coconut are the Vitamins C, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 in varying amount.

The minerals present in the coconut are the calcium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Manganese, Magnesium, and Iron in varying amount (1).

Health Benefits of the Coconut

1. Weight Loss

Coconut tree can be effective for anyone wishing to lose the unwanted body weight.

The medium chain triglycerides in the coconut oil are claimed to beneficial to burn the fat in the body (2).

Further, the goodness of the minerals and abundant water greatly nourishes the human body.

2. Reduce Hunger

Eating coconut reduces the hunger due to this the risk of the overeating is significantly lowered. This credit is given to the fatty acid that has the appetite reducing effects (3).

3. Anti-Microbial

The antimicrobial property of the coconut is effective in killing the several pathogens occurring in the human body. Pathogens are inhabited by the Lauric Acid the Fatty acid innate in the coconut (4).

Various bacteria and virus cause noisome disease in the human beings.

4. Healthy Cholesterol

Consuming the coconut can be the best alternative to reduce the bad cholesterol in the human body. The bad cholesterol in the blood can be decreased by consumption of the coconut oil in moderation (5).

5. Healthy Hair

This is the traditional ways that ancestors use the coconut. Using the coconut oil in the scalp has several advantages like removing dandruff and keeping the hair shiny (6).

Despite the advancement in the hair oil, the age-long practice of using the coconut oil in the scalp is still in existence. This is mainly due to immense health benefits from the coconut oil.

6. Improves the Digestion

Adequate digestion can be achieved due to innate high fiber content and goodness of the nutrition in coconut. Due to the high fiber content in the coconut that causes smooth movement of bowel leading to several beneficial functions in the human body (7).

7. Boosting Cognitive Power

The goodness of the mineral and ketones from the coconut drastically increases the cognitive power (8).

The adequate amount of iron in the diet greatly facilitate the transfer of the oxygen in the brain leading to several beneficial effects.  

8. Healthy Heart

Due to the content of the potassium that is vital for the optimum functioning of the heart. The regular consumption of the coconut produces several beneficial effects on the human health (9).

9. Hormonal Balance

Hormonal balance is vital for the optimum functioning of the human body. Due to the hormone balance the body function in the normal ways.

The innate saturate fat Lauric acid in the coconut is claimed to have hormonal balance capacity (10).

10. Retard Ageing Process

The consumption of the coconut is associated with the reduce the oxidative stress in the liver leading to boost the antioxidant level which produces several health benefits (11).

The presence of antioxidant is effective in the reduction of the damaging effects of the free radical in the cell.

11. Healthy Bone

The goodness of the Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium is beneficial for the optimum bone health. 

Due to various beneficial effects, the occurring of disease like the osteoporosis is greatly minimized.

Further, the intake of the coconut is believed to accelerate the process of Calcium absorption in the body (12).

12. Minimize the Stone Occurrence

The high fiber food has the capacity to deter the occurrence of the stone in the human body, especially in the Bladder and kidney.

The claims that the consumption of coconut and reduce the stone occurrence is due to its innate high fiber content (13).

13. Healthy Excretory System

Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra remain healthy due to the consumption of the coconut due to clearance of unwanted pathogens.

Further, the coconut water has the immense healing power and helps to stay hydrated which result in the cleansing of the kidney (14).

14. Healthy Teeth and Gum

Coconut oil is the potent antimicrobial preventing the multiplication of the pathogenic microbes in the human body (15).

Further, the goodness of minerals required for the optimum function of the teeth greatly increases the health benefits.

15. Diabetes

Diabetes is due to inefficient body mechanism to check the glucose in the blood. Type 2 diabetes is the condition in which body did not recognize the insulin secreted in the blood often refers to as insulin insensitive. Consumption of the coconut is believed to increases the insulin sensitivity (16).

This is the prime reason for the claims that intake of coconut helps to regulate the diabetic in the human body.

Insulin is secreted by the endocrine part of the pancreases that is located below the liver.

16. Anemia

This is the disorder marked by the chronic deficiency of the iron in the diet. Iron is the essential component of the hemoglobin is effective in the transfer of oxygen to the various parts of the body (17).

Further, the presence of folic acid in the coconut can drastically increase the health benefits as it helps in effective absorption of iron.

17. Scurvy

This is the disease marked by the bleeding nose, gum, and immense fatigue. This can be life threatening and caused by the deficiency of the water-soluble vitamin called the vitamin C in the diet (18).

Coconut content abundant amount of the vitamin C that is essential to combat scurvy.

18. Epilepsy

This is the disturbance in the electrical activities marked by several bodily disorders. Consumption of the coconut with the high amount of fat content can boost the ketone bodies in the blood leading ease in epilepsy especially in the children (19).

19. Pregnancy

Coconut water is extremely beneficial during the time of pregnancy. Coconut water helps to stay hydrated by nourishing the body with the essential minerals (20). This is claimed to be beneficial for the amniotic fluid in the pregnancy.

20. Miscarriage

Coconut contains the folic acid that is essential in the prevention of the miscarriage during the early stage of pregnancy (21).

Further, less amount of pesticide residue in the coconut is claimed to produce several beneficial effects upon the consumption.

21. Robust Muscle

The consumption of the coconut is associated with the robust muscle. The protein content in the coconut is effective in the formation of muscle (22).

Further, the regulation of the insulin in the blood drastically increases the health benefits of consumption.

22. Sunscreen

There is the distinct relation of the coconut oil with the reduction in the damaging effect of the ultraviolet radiation on the skin.

There are researchers in the relation of demise in the effect of ultraviolet radiation and the use of Coconut oil (23).

23. Prevent Candida Infections

This parasitic fungus is associated with the several noisome infections in the human body. The coconut oil is effective in soothing the effect of Candida (24).

24. Arthritis

The antioxidant innate in the coconut is effective in soothing the inflammation caused by arthritis (25).

The raw or the virgin coconut oil is effective in the minimizing the adverse effect of arthritis.

25. Ease in Stress

The medium chain fatty acid innate in the coconut oil is effective in the demise of the stress in the human (26).

26. Thyroid Disorders

The consumption of the coconut can minimize the occurrence of the thyroid disorder. This credit is given to the innate capric acid innate in the coconut that is claimed to be effective in the normal thyroid functioning (27).

Both the hypo or less and hyper or more secretion of the thyroid hormone thyroxin has an adverse effect on the human health.

Higher secretion of the thyroid gland causes increases in metabolic rate whereas lower secretion of the thyroid gland decreases the metabolic rate in the human body.

27. Insomnia

Due to the adequate amount of the iron and folic acid required for the optimum metabolism in the human body sound sleep can be obtained (28).

The beneficial effect of coconut in the heart, brain, kidney and endocrine acts synergistically to induce sound sleep.

28. Depression

The lack of the adequate amount of daily value of folic acid in the regular diet is believed to be the causative factors for the depression occurring in the human body (29).

Coconut contains optimum amount of folic acid is effective in the remedy of the depression.

29. Gray Hair

The lack of the folic acid is often blamed for the appearance of gray hair (30). Coconut being lush in the folic acid helps to mention normal hair.

30. Blood Clotting

Vitamin K that is the vital component for the clotting of the blood is present in the coconut (31). Due to this internal and external hemorrhage occurring in the body can be prevented by the consumption of the Coconut.

31. Dementia

This disorder is marked by the rapid loss of memory in old age. Coconut content adequate amount of vitamin E, which is effective in the combat against dementia (32).

32. Infertility

Infertility is occasionally associated with the lower amount of manganese in the diet (33). Coconut being lush with the goodness of the Manganese can be effective in the combat of infertility in different individuals.

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