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Monday, April 10, 2017

30 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Egg

An egg is among the popular food consumed around the globe. The reason for the immense popularity of the egg is the goodness of the nutrient innate in the egg.

Egg, which is the produce of the female animal species, is wieldy consumed around the globe from time immemorial. Depending upon the species the texture, and colors of the egg vary.

The Chicken eggs available in the market are a commercially produced unfertilized egg.

The egg is often consumed in various culinary menus when adequately cooked. The egg can be boiled in water for around twelve minutes in order to make suitable for the consumption.

Egg are notorious for the high cholesterol innate it. Anyone strong believing on cholesterol tenets need to avoid egg yolk and rip the health benefit by consuming the egg white.

Edible Eggs

Almost all the egg available around the world is edible. Before the domesticating of the chicken, our ancestor uses to consume various egg available on the wild condition.


There are various colors available in the market such as white, red, and brown.

The color of the egg has nothing to do with the nutritional composition. Based on the marketing demand varieties of egg color are produced.

How to Grade Egg

The egg can be graded by visualization the air sac beneath the egg. A fresh egg has the smaller air sac whereas old age has the larger air sac.

Century Egg

This is the egg preserved for centuries by the firm coating of the clay, salt, rice straw, lime, and wood Ash and lifting for the century.

This is the perfection of the fermentation. Long term preservation of egg enhances the pH and emit the strong order of the sulfur and ammonia.


The egg has the distinct three layers one is the outer covering that acts as the protective layer for the defense of the inner delicate structure.

Another is the egg white that is the transparent viscous liquid. The egg yolk comprises of ten percent protein and ninety percent water. Due to an absence of fat and, less than one percent of the carbohydrate egg white is considered as the ideal diet for everyone.

Egg yolk is covered by the egg white and is essential for the development of the embryo.


1. It is essential to adequate wash the hand after handling the egg due to the potential risk of the salmonella infection.

2. There are cases of allergic reaction in the infant due to this introduction of the egg to the infant. This necessitates slowly introduction of the egg to the infant.  

3. Some individuals are found to be an intolerance to the egg white. A person with such symptoms needs to stop consuming egg and consult the physicians.

4. The nutrition present in both the egg yolk and egg white so it is essential to consume whole egg in order to get adequate nutritional benefits. There is the rising trend of the consumption of egg white and lifting the egg yolk that is diminishing the health benefit upon consumption.


A chicken egg is lush with the protein that comprises of more than twelve percent by volume, around one percent carbohydrate and more than ten percent of the fat.

Vitamins present in the egg yolk are the vitamin A, D, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B 1, B 2, B 3, B 5, B 6, B 9 and B 12 in varying amount.

Minerals present in the chicken egg are Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sodium in varying concentration (1).

Based on the nutritional profile Egg can be considered as the super food due to the presence of almost all essential nutrient for the human body. The presence of vitamin D and B12 is the clear indication of the importance in a human body to consume egg.

Health Benefits of Egg

1. Balance Cholesterol

The consumption of the egg induces the good cholesterol in the human body. Due to this, there are several types of research which indicate the relation with the demise in heart problems like demise in the occurrence of the stroke due to the consumption of the egg.

The high cholesterol levels in the egg are often considered as the red flag for anyone to consume. But in reality, liver secrete less cholesterol upon the consumption of the egg (2).

2. Healthy Eye

Almost all of us known that the consumption of the vitamin A helps to mention the adequate vision in the human body and prevent the occurrence of the xerophthalmia or night blindness in the human body.

Further, the presence of the potent antioxidant like Lutein and Zeaxanthin in the egg helps to prevent the damage to the retina (3).

3. Weight Loss

Various nutrition pundit around the globe recommends the consumption of the egg for the weight loss. The egg is lush in the protein and contains almost all the entire vital nutrient required for the human body.

Further, the presence of the omega 3 fatty acid in the egg helps in the lowering of bad cholesterol in the human body (4).

The presence of the vitamin D in the egg drastically increases the beneficial properties upon the consumption that leads to the gaining healthy weight.

4. Immune System

The immune system in the body gets boosted upon the consumption of the egg. Due to the presence of Vitamin A, B12 in the egg the consumption of the egg helps in the boosting of the immunity (5).

5. Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

The choline innate in the egg has the beneficial effect of lowering various heart diseases (6).

6. Healthy Skin

Due to the innate goodness of the egg consuming egg produces several beneficial effects to the human Health (7).

7. Miscarriage

The goodness of the folic acid innate in the egg prevents the miscarriage in the human beings (8).

Lack of the folic acid in the diet is often associated with the miscarriage during the early stage of the pregnancy.

8. Anemia

The goodness of the iron in the egg is effective in the remedy of the anemia in the human body. Anemia can be fatal to the pregnant women due to an inability of the body to deliver adequate oxygen.

Further, the presence of folic acid accelerates the absorption of the iron in the blood (9).

10. Boost Cognitive Power

The innate goodness of the iron, which is effective in the transfer of the oxygen to various part of the body. Occasionally the deficiency of the iron is often associated with the cognitive disorders (10).

Consumption of the egg lush with the goodness of nutrient such as choline can be beneficial for the optimum functioning of cognitive power (11).

11. Prevent Diabetes

Despite the strong argument on the prevention of diabetes upon the consumption of the egg, there are various nutrition pundits out they're claiming the beneficial relation of the egg to reduce the occurrence of diabetes (12).

12. Macular Degeneration

The lutein and zeaxanthin innate in the egg prevent the macular degeneration occurs in the human body (13).

Macular degeneration is marked by the distant spot in the skin followed by the wrinkles and the fine line in the body.

13. Building Muscle

Due to the innate high level of protein in the egg consumption of the egg produce several beneficial effects to the human health. Egg contain more than thirteen percent of the protein is essential to build muscle in different age group. Intake of the protein is vital for the adequate growth of the muscle (14).

14. Healthy Hair

Traditionally egg is often used as the potent treatment to obtain the healthy hair. Due to the lush in the goodness of the essential nutrient required obtaining healthy hair (15).

It is essential to apply egg yolk in the hair that needs to be washed after half an hour.

Due to this reason, various cosmetic items available for hair has the egg content in it.

15. Healthy Bone

The innate goodness of the minerals likes Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorous works synergistically to induce adequate health of the bone.

Further, the presence of the vitamin D in the egg drastically increases the calcium absorption in the human body (16).

16. Reduce the Stone Occurrence

The consumption of the egg and the reduction in the occurrence of the stone is related with the presence of the vitamin A in it. The formation of the calcium phosphate is urinary tract is prevented by the smooth lining of the urinary tract (17).

17. Measles

There is some recorded case of measles and the deficiency of the vitamin A in the Human Body. Egg contain an adequate amount of vitamin A helps to minimize the occurrence of the Measles in children (18).

18. Tingling Sensation

This is the disorder associated with the lack of the vitamin B12 in the diet and often encountered during the old age. Anyone with the tingling sensation especially in the fingers and toes can be benefited by the innate vitamin B12 in the egg (19).

19. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is creating havoc in the present world which is often encounter after the menopause. The consumption of the egg that is lush in the goodness of the Vitamin B 12 drastically reduces the occurrence of the Breast cancer in the human body (20).

20. Sperm Count

Adequate sperm count is vital for the normal conception. Vitamin B12 is essential for the adequate sperm count that is found in the egg (21).

The egg can perform miracle due to increase in the sperm count in the male. Further, the presence of Zinc in the egg increases the reproductive health.

21. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is sometimes associated with the lack of Vitamin B12 in the diet. Egg contain an adequate amount of vitamin B12, which can be beneficial to prevent the osteoporosis in the human body (22).

22. Alzheimer’s Disease

There is the distinct relation with the demise in the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s and the consumption of the egg. This is due to the beneficial effect of the vitamin B 12 in human Body (23).

23. Growths and Repair of Body

The innate Phosphorus in the egg is essential for the adequate growth and repair of the human body (24).

24. Regulate pH

pH regulation is vital in the human body. Our blood is slightly alkaline and the eggs are alkaline which is efficient in the regulation of the pH in the human body (25).

Further, the phosphorus innate in the egg can be beneficial to mention the alkaline pH in the human body.

25. Smells and Taste

Adequate functioning of the sense of taste and smell get boosted due to the consumption of the egg. This is due to the innate zinc content in the egg, which is beneficial for optimum functioning of smell and taste (26).

26. Insomnia

The goodness of the mineral like potassium that is vital to normal functioning of the blood pressure. There are cases of insomnia due to the fluctuation of the blood pressure in the human body.

Further, the presence of the zinc is beneficial to induce sound sleep (27).

27. ADHD

Attention Defective Hyperactive Disorder is sometimes associated with the deficiency of the zinc in the diet. Egg contain the adequate amount of the zinc that is effective in the combat of the ADHD in the children (28).

ADHD can create several adverse consequences on the growth of the children.

28. Depression

Depression occurring in the human body is associated with the insufficient vitamins and minerals in the daily diet.

Egg contain the adequate amount of the essential minerals due to this it is beneficial to combat the depression in different age group (29).

Depression is often associate with the lack of vitamin D and Zinc in the daily diet.

29. Healthy liver

Due to several health benefits upon the consumption of the egg healthy liver can be obtained (30). Liver damage often known as cirrhosis can be combated due to the consumption egg due to the innate zinc in the egg.

30. Optimum Performance of Endocrine Gland

The trace minerals zinc is vital for the optimum function of the endocrine in the human body (31). Trace amount of zinc content in egg serves beneficial functions. 

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