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Friday, April 7, 2017

30 Health Benefits of the Artichoke

The nutritious bud which is consumed around the globe often refers to as Artichoke. Due to abnormal appearance, it is often noticed around the globe.

This is the weird variety of vegetable available for the consumption. The edible part of the Artichoke is the bud. The Artichoke becomes inedible when the flower gets blossom.

Artichoke is perennial plant consider native to the Mediterranean area and people has been consuming it for a long time back. In North Africa, it is still found in the wild state.

Due to the higher amount of Antioxidant compared to that of another vegetable its demand has been in the surge.


Artichokes can be propagated through the seed or by vegetative means like root cutting, division, etc.

Preparation Process

It is essential to manually remove the outer fibrous upper leaf of the artichoke one at a time. As the fibrous part of the artichoke is not suitable for the consumption.

The clean and manually peeled artichoke is boiled in the water or steamed. Unseasoned artichoke mimics the flavor of the egg white.

Based on the personal taste varieties of the condiments can be added to enhance the taste.

Artichoke Herbal Tree

The dried and crushed Artichokes can be consumed as the herbal tree. Gourmand claims the taste of the artichoke tea to be slightly bitter woody.


There are the recorded cases of the allergic reaction upon the consumption of the artichokes.

Further, the artichoke can be used, as the preventive medication against the liver ailments not the potent cure for several ailments.

Artichoke is loaded with the higher amount of sodium, which can elevate the blood pressure when consumed in the massive dose.


The predominant part of the artichoke is comprised of the carbohydrate which comprises of more than eleven percent by volume, around three percent by volume of the protein and scant amount of the fat.

Vitamins present in the artichoke are vitamin A, C, E, K, and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying proportion.

Minerals present in the artichoke are Calcium, Zinc, Sodium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, and Potassium in varying amount (1). It has the relatively higher amount of Sodium compared to other food.

Health Benefits of the Artichoke

1. Prevent Cancer

Artichoke can be considered as the king for antioxidant due to high antioxidant present in it. The presence of the phytonutrient like rutin, gallic acid, quercetin, cyanidin in the clear indication of the health benefits from its consumption (2).

Colorectal cancer which is creating havoc among the youngster in our age can be minimized by the regular consumption of the artichoke.

Cancer like prostate, breast, and leukemia or blood cancer is claimed to be prevented by the intake of the artichoke on regular basis.

2. Constipation

The innate goodness of the dietary fiber is effective in the optimum bowel movement in the human body leading to several beneficial effects.

The dietary fiber in the artichoke aids in the effective bowel movement in the human body leading to several beneficial effects on the human health (3).

3. Healthy Gut Bacteria

Due to the innate high amount of fiber in the artichoke, it is effective in the proliferation of the gut bacteria thriving in the stomach (4).

Dietary fibers are vital to obtaining the healthy balance of the gut bacteria in the human body. As more than eight percent of an artichoke is comprised of the dietary fiber.

The presence of the inulin in the artichoke is beneficial in the proliferation of the gut bacteria in the human body.

4. Immune System

The immune system is boosted due to varied phytonutrient and the goodness of the vitamins required for the human body.

Further, the conversion of the fiber into short chain fatty acid by the intestinal flora is believed to regulate the immune system in the human (5).

5. Cholesterol

This is the distinct relation between the consumption of the Artichokes and reduction in the cholesterol in the human body. Cholesterol is reduced due to the innate phytonutrient named cynarine that has the capacity to increase the bile secretion in the liver leading to demise in the cholesterol level in the human body (6).

6. Healthy Bone

The cumulative effect of Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, vitamin K, the folic acid aids in the adequate maintenance of the healthy bone in the human body (7).

Due to this the occurrence of the osteoporosis marked by massive loss of the calcium in the blood get demise.

7. Healthy Liver

The healthy liver can be obtained due to the boosting of the bile production in the human body. The phytonutrient named cynarine present in the artichoke is beneficial for the bile production in the human body.

An adequate amount of bile production is vital for the removing toxin from the body followed by boosting in the digestion of the fat (8).

8. Healthy Heart

Due to the innate potassium in the artichoke, which is beneficial in the mentioning of the healthy electrolyte in the human body. Regular consumption of the artichoke helps in optimum function of the healthy heart.

Potassium deficiency is associated with the heart failure and irregularity of the heart beat (9).

Further, the negligible amount of fat followed by the cholesterol lowering capacity drastically increases the overall health benefits of the artichoke consumption.

9. Hypertension

Consumption of the minerals like the potassium and the magnesium is vital to obtain the healthy heart in the human body.

Recent research around the globe is revealing the fact that the consumption of the artichoke and reduction in the blood pressure or hypertension in the human body (10).

10. Pregnancy

Consumption of the artichokes is considered safer during the pregnancy. Artichokes lush with the fiber, antioxidant, folic acid and other essential nutrients in the human body (11).

Moderation is the key to using artichoke during pregnancy. There is some research in the inverse relation of the consumption of the artichoke and pregnancy.

11. Ease in Hangover

Hangover is caused primarily by the dehydration and toxin accumulation in the blood. The consumption of the artichoke, which has the potent effect in reducing the toxin, can be effective in the combat of the hangover (12).

12. Cognitive Power

Due to the boosting of the optimum functioning of the health by the goodness of artichoke, which is claimed to boost the cognitive power.

The oxygen supply in the different part of the body gets boosted by the adequate iron (13). Iron is the essential component of the hemoglobin helps in the effective transfer of the oxygen molecule.

13. Anemia

This is the disease marked by the deficiency of the iron in the daily diet. Intake of food with less amount of iron can cause the adverse effect in the formation of the red blood cell in the body (14).

The hemoglobin which is vital pigment for the transfer of the oxygen molecule around the body is made up of iron.

Artichoke contains an adequate amount of iron which can be effective in the prevent the occurrence of the anemia in the human body.

14. Scurvy

This is the disease due to the inefficient amount of the vitamin C in the diet. Artichoke contains an adequate amount of vitamin c, which is essential in the prevention of the scurvy in different age group (15).

This disease can be fatal if not cure well ahead of time. As the disease is characterized by bleeding gum, teeth, fatigue, pain in joint and muscle and with various symptoms.

15. Miscarriage

Miscarriage is often due to the deficiency in the folic acid in the daily diet (16). Folic acid being the water-soluble vitamin gets expelled from the body easily due to this its regular consumption is higher recommended.

16. Birth Defect

The innate folic acid in the artichoke is effective in preventing the birth defect such as the inadequate formation of the spinal cord and the brain (17).

17. Weight Loss

Artichoke is the best alternative for anyone wishing to lose the unwanted fat in the body. Artichoke is considered low-calorie food due to the fact the major proportion of the carbohydrate is comprised of the dietary fiber (18).

The goodness of low calorie followed by the adequate amount of protein, scant amount of fat and goodness of minerals can be effective to obtained the healthy weight in the human body.

18. Diabetes

The goodness of high fiber in the artichoke is effective in the regulation of the glucose in the human body. Due to this, it is effective in the prevention of the occurrence of diabetes (19).

19. Healthy Skin

The goodness of antioxidant and abundant amount of the nutrients can boost the overall immune system leading to the protection against the noisome bacteria thriving in the skin (20).

Further, the beneficial effect of phytonutrient helps in the maintenance of healthy skin.

20. Blood Clotting

Artichoke contains the vitamin K that is essential for the clotting of the blood (21). Although the vitamin K performs a number of other functions like building strong bone, helps in the prevention of the heart disease the most potent function is the ability to effectively clotting of the blood.

Blood-clotting ability is considered as vital as it prevents the premature oozing of the blood.

21.  Depression

The occurrence of the depression and lack of the folic acid in the everyday diet are closely related to each other (22). Due to the presence of folic acid in the artichoke, the occurrence of the depression is greatly reduced its consumption.

22. Macular Degeneration

The consumption of the artichoke can prevent the macular degeneration occurring in the body. The macular degeneration is characterized by the wrinkles, lines in the skin, sports in skin, etc. The goodness of antioxidant innate in the artichoke helps to prevent the macular degeneration (23).

The presence of the mineral like zinc in Artichoke works synergistically to combat the macular degeneration.

23. Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in the old age is associated with the low level of the Folate in the diet. Artichoke contains the adequate amount of the Folate which is effective in the combat of the Hearing loss in old age (24).

24. Prevent Cataract

This is the disease frequently encountered during the old age marked by the loss of the vision in the advanced phase. Artichoke lush with the antioxidant prevent the occurrence of the cataract (25).

The major cause of occurrence of the cataract is the adverse effect of free radical. Antioxidant acts as the protective shield to prevent the possible damage by free radical at the cellular level.

25. Reduce Gallstone

There is the association with the reduce the occurrence of the gallstone and the consumption of the magnesium in the human body (26).

Consumption of the magnesium is not associate in dissolving the stone in gall bladder but it minimizes the chance of the gallstone formation in the bladder.

Due to beneficial effect from the dietary fiber combined with the overall cholesterol-lowering capacity of artichoke the occurrence of gallstone is greatly reduced.

26. Adequate Vision

There is the distinct relation of the adequate vision with the zinc in the normal diet (27).  Artichoke contains an adequate amount of zinc that is beneficial for the healthy eye upon regular consumption.

Zinc is considered, as the powerful antioxidant is effective in the combat of the damaging effect of free radical in the cell.

27. Cure Infertility

Low level in the zinc is often associated with infertility (28). Artichoke contains the trace amount of zinc in individual serving can be beneficial to cure infertility.

28. Insomnia

There is the relation on the sound sleep with the mineral like potassium, zinc, magnesium (29). Artichoke is lush with the goodness of the essential minerals that is effective in the combat of the Insomnia.

29. Prevent Alzheimer’s

Artichoke is lush with the goodness of the antioxidant and trace minerals like zinc that is effective in the prevention of the Alzheimer’s in the old age (30).

30. Dementia

This is the disease characterized by the loss of memory, especially in the old age.

Artichoke is lush with the goodness of antioxidant can be effective in the combat of the Dementia occurring during the old age (31).

Although the intake of the antioxidant and the reduction in the occurrence of dementia is the highly debated topic.

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