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Thursday, April 27, 2017

28 Science-Backed Health Benefits Oats

Oats are the nutrient rich food widely consumed around the globe. Oats are consumed in the wide variety of forms and the major proportion is consumed mostly as porridge. Oat bread is also widely consumed across the globe.

Oats is the annual plant growing well in the temperate climate. But oat can also be cultivated in the winter season in the tropical and subtropical region.

Oats has been cultivated from two thousand years from Now. The oat is plant considered to be Native to Asia. Due to immense health benefits upon the consumption, the popularity of the oat is constantly on the rise.


The predominant part of the oat is comprised of carbohydrate which represents more than sixty-six percent by volume. It has the considerable amount of fat that represent more than six percent by volume.

Vitamins present in the oat are the various B-complex vitamins like B1, B2 B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount. It virtually lacks other vitamins.

Minerals present in the oats are Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese and Phosphorus, etc. in varying amount. Almost all the minerals present in the oat are considerably higher in volume (1).

Health Benefits of Oats

1. Lower Cholesterol

The innate soluble fiber in the oat is beneficial in lowering the LDL cholesterol often refers to as the bad cholesterol in the human body (2).

The goodness of the soluble fiber gets dissolved and passes through the blood stream and performs various beneficial functions.

2. Constipation

The innate high fiber in the oat is beneficial in preventing the occurrence of constipation in the human body (3).

Constipation has the immense impact health chronic constipation is often associated with different ailments in the human body.

3. Weight Loss

Oat contains the adequate amount of the fiber with the beneficial for the adequate bowel movement. Further, the goodness of the high amount of the protein followed by minerals in the oat is beneficial for weight loss.

Oat is traditionally recommended as the safer diet for anyone wishing to get rid of the unwanted weight from the human body (4).

4. Skin

The anti-inflammatory property of the oat is beneficial in obtaining the healthy skin. The person with highly sensitive skin is beneficial by the oat consumption (5).

5. Diabetes

Oat is beneficial in the regulation of blood sugar level in the blood, which is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes (6).

The occurrence of the diabetes is constantly on the rise. Modification of the diet can bring huge health benefits.

6. Heart Disease

Regular consumption of the oat is claimed to be beneficial in preventing the occurrence of the coronary heart disease.

Further, the low saturated fat, Potassium and the goodness of antioxidant is beneficial for the optimum functioning of the heart (7).

7. Cancer

Regular consumption of the oat is beneficial in preventing the occurrence of cancer in various individuals. Due to the facilitation of the bowel movement upon the consumption of the oat, it can prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer (8).

There are many research’s pointing out the association of the decrease in the occurrence of colorectal cancer and consumption of the oat.

8. High Blood Pressure

Due to the lowering of the cholesterol and beneficial effect of the fiber, Antioxidant, Potassium, Magnesium the overall effect is the lowering of the blood pressure (9).

9. Asthma

There are some outcomes of the reduction in the occurrence of asthma especially in the children by the intake of the oats (10).

Although there is various controversial research available on the relation of the oats on the prevention of asthma.

10. Prevent Heart Failure

Due to the reduction of the cholesterol followed by the innate high fiber content. The consumption of the oat is claimed to prevent the stroke (11).

11. Anti-Microbial

Oats are noticed for the antimicrobial properties due to the presence of the phenolic acid (12).

These characters of the oat are effective in the prevention of the occurrence of the ailments caused by several pathogens.

12. Obesity

The consumption of the oat is beneficial in the prevention of the obesity (13).

13. Increase Appetite

Due to the regulation of the hormone, which induces the hunger, the consumption of the oat is claimed to be beneficial in soothing the hunger (14).

14. Immune System

The goodness of the mineral like zinc is beneficial to obtain the optimum immunity in the human body. Further, the presence of the beta glucan is beneficial in the boosting of the immunity (15).

15. Gluten Free

Pure oat is gluten free so it can be safe to consume by the one with the gluten intolerance (16).

16. Energy Boosting

Due to the high amount of the carbohydrate, which is essential for the production of the energy. The consumption of the oat boosts the energy in the human beings (17).

17. Healthy Bone

The goodness of the calcium, magnesium and phosphorous is beneficial in obtaining of the healthy bone (18).

18. Hair Loss

Often the intake of the food low in the nutrient value can be beneficial in the combat against Hair loss. The goodness of the nutrient content is beneficial in preventing hair loss (19).

19. Dandruff

Applying the paste of the oat in the scalp before the wash is beneficial to combat the occurrence of dandruff (20).

20. Removes Itchiness

Applying the oat around the skin by gentle rubbing can be beneficial to combat the itching especially in the skin (21).

21. Pregnancy

The goodness of the fiber, antioxidant and nutrients in the oat is beneficial during the pregnancy due to the goodness of the nutrient innate in it (22).

22. Prevent Miscarriages

Oat contains an adequate amount of the folic acid, which is vital to prevent miscarriage during the pregnancy.

Oat is lush with the goodness of the folic acid that is beneficial in the prevention of the miscarriage (23).

23. Menstruation Regularity

There are occasional cases of menstrual irregularity due to the insufficient level of the zinc in the diet (24).

Oat is the good source of zinc which is beneficial in combat against the menstrual irregularity.

24. Infertility

The deficiency of the zinc sometimes associated with infertility. Oat contains the adequate amount of the zinc that is beneficial to have the adequate sperm count in the male.

The deficiency of the zinc is vital for the utilization of the female sex hormone (25).

25. Blood Clotting

The role of the manganese in the blood clotting is often underestimated. Due to the adequate amount of manganese in the oat, which is beneficial for adequate clotting of the blood (26).

26. Wound Healing

The role of the zinc in the wound healing is often underestimated. Oat contains the adequate amount of the zinc, which is beneficial for wound healing (27).

27. Tastes and Smell

The chronic deficiency of the zinc in the diet causes the difficulty in the taste and smell (28).

28. Common Cold

There is the association between the reductions in the occurrence of the common cold in the human body and consumption of oats (29).

This beneficial property is due to the goodness of the innate minerals and immunity boosting mechanism.

Side Effect

There is no noticed side effect of the oat consumption. Like other high-fiber food, massive consumption can cause the bowel upset. As the daily recommended dose of the fiber is 35 gram per person per day. Exceeding the amount of the fiber intake can be detrimental to the human health.

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