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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

22 Science-Backed Health Benefit of Radish

Radish is one of the popular vegetables around the globe. It is mostly consumed in raw as the salad. Due to the immense health benefits human have been cultivating the radish from the long time back.

The entire radish plant the tender leaf and the root are edible. Although it is widely consumed as the salad in raw forms but it can also be consumed by cooking.

Radishes plant is annual, which takes merely four months to mature. For the consumption as the salad usually, the radish is harvested early.

They are available in the variety of colors like the red, white, yellow, pink and gray black. The size varies from the rounded to elongate in texture.

Radishes grow well in the temperate climate but can be grown in winter seasons in the tropical and subtropical region.


Radish is lush with the goodness of the nutrient. Radishes have the moderate amount of the carbohydrate, which comprised of merely greater than three percent. It has the scant amount of the protein and negligible amount of the fat.

Vitamins present in the radishes are the water-soluble vitamin like Vitamin C and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount.

Minerals present in the raises are Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Magnesium in varying amount (1).

Health Benefits of Radish

1. Constipation

The innate goodness of the fiber in the radish is beneficial for the smooth movement of the bowel in the intestine. Due to the smooth movement f the bowel the constipation is greatly reduced (2).

Traditionally radish is often considered as the potent for removing constipation in the human body.

2. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are marked by the difficulty in the defecation. Depending on the stage it can have several noisome effects to the human health (3).

Due to several beneficial effects upon the intake of the Radish, it is claimed to be beneficial in soothing hemorrhoid.

There is the distinct relation with constipation and the occurrence of the hemorrhoids. Consuming radish is effective in soothing constipation in the human body.

3. Weight Loss

Due to high water content combined with the goodness of the fiber that is beneficial for losing weight (4).

Further, low amount of the carbohydrate and the negligible amount of fat is helpful in obtaining the healthy weight.

4. Stone

Radishes have the diuretic property that can be beneficial to combat the stone occurring in the bladder and the kidney (5).

For optimum benefit, it is essential to consume the leaves of the radish.

Due to several beneficial effects, the radish is often included in the diet for cleansing the stone in the human body.

5. Immune System

The goodness of the innate vitamin C in the radish is beneficial for obtaining the adequate immune system in the human body (6).

The boosting of the immune system produces several beneficial effects on the human health. Common ailments like the common cold are due to the demise of the immune system.

6. Asthma

The innate anti congestive property of the radish is can soothe the occurrence of asthma in the human body (7).

Further, the goodness of the vitamin C drastically increases the health benefits of the consumption.

Asthma is characterized by the difficulty in the breathing which can create noisome to the human.

7. Blood Pressure

The presence of the potassium is the clear indication of the beneficial effect of the consuming radish. Potassium is vital for lowering blood pressure from the body (8).

Adequate blood pressure is vital for the optimum functioning of the heart.

8. Diabetes

Due to the low glycemic index of the radish followed by the high fiber in the radish is beneficial in soothing the diabetes occurrence in the human body. The occurrence of the diabetes is rising and simple diet modification can be effective prevent its occurrence (9).

Various nutrient, fiber, and antioxidant in the radish work synergistically to combat against diabetes.

9. Detoxifying

Radish can be considered as the effective detoxifier, which can detoxify the metal from the body (10).

Radish is well known for its detoxifying property of the kidney.

10. Cancer

Due to various beneficial such as antioxidant followed by the various nutrients consumption of the radish is effective in combating the occurrence of cancer in the human body (11).

Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of the cell and can be life threatening if not cure well ahead of time. Diet modification can prevent some forms of cancer.

11. Healthy Heart

Radishes are known for managing the level of the cholesterol in the blood. Due to this, it is effective in mentioning the healthy heart in the human body (12).

12. Liver

Due to several beneficial properties of the liver like detoxifying the toxins in the body, followed by the mentioning the goodness of the liver and stomach. Further, it stabilizes the production of the bilirubin in the blood (13).

This beneficial property of the radish is effective in the adequate functioning of the liver.

13. Pregnancy

Adequately washed radish is beneficial to consume during the pregnancy. This is due to the innate goodness of the nutrient, fiber, and antioxidant (14).

There are risks of the bacterial contamination during the pregnancy, especially from the unwashed radish. These necessitate adequate peeling and washing with the clean water.

14. Skin

Due to the presence of various B-complex vitamins and vitamin C followed by the goodness of the minerals such as zinc. Consumption of the radish is beneficial in obtaining the healthy skin in the human body (15).

The goodness of the antioxidant retards the occurrence of the aging process in the skin(16).

15. Thyroid

The goodness of the radish is beneficial to mention adequate functioning of the thyroid hormone (17).

16. Antimicrobial

Radish has the antimicrobial property, which is beneficial in killing the microbes in the human body (18).

Various pathogens cause number of diseases and the consumption of the radish is beneficial to minimize pathogens spread. 

17. Jaundice

The goodness of the radish is beneficial in lowering the bilirubin in the human body. Bilirubin is the bile pigment and massive rise of this pigment is often coined as the Jaundice (19).

18. Insect Bite

Radish is well known for the antiseptic and antibacterial quality that is beneficial in soothing the insect bite in the humans (20).

19. Bone Health

Calcium present in the bone is effective in obtaining the healthy bone in the human body. Further, the goodness of the innate nutrient is beneficial in preventing osteoporosis (21).

Due to this beneficial effect consumption of the radish is effective in soothing the occurrence of the osteoporosis.

20. Prevents Hair Fall

Applying the radish juice in the scalp and washing it after half an hour is effective in soothing the hair fall in the human body (22).

The poor immune system is often associated with the hair loss. The consumption of the radish is effective in the prevention of the hair fall.

21. Dandruff

Consuming radish on the regular basis is effective in the combat against the Dandruff occurrence.

22. Retard Ageing Process

The goodness of the antioxidant followed by the various beneficial effects upon the consumption of the radish it is effective in retarding the aging (23).

Side Effect

The unwashed radish is lush with the pathogens, which can cause an adverse effect on the human health when consumed without adequate washing.

It is essential to take precaution like adequate washing to avoid the contamination.

Although there is various side effect noticed after the consumption of the radish, almost all of them lack adequate scientific evidence to support.

1. Burning Sensation

Consuming high amount of the radish juice causes the burning sensation. These get erased after the short period of time.

2. Swelling of Mouth

There are occasional cases of the swelling of the mount and throat upon the consumption of the radish. This is the rare side effect often noticed and needs further verification.

3. Bronchitis

Due to the irritation of the upper respiratory tract, the consumption of the Radish can potentially cause bronchitis.

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  1. I may have to add these to my salads. I had incorrectly assumed they weren't super healthy because of the water content. It's good to know they have so many vitamins and other health benefits. Thank you!