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Saturday, April 22, 2017

19 Health Benefits and Risk of Consuming Salmon

Salmon is widely consumed fish around the globe. The reason for the immense consumption of the salmon is due to its easy access, palatable taste followed by the goodness of the nutrition.

Due to the high demand for the salmon, it is widely produced around the globe. Although the farm salmon are often blamed for the high toxicants innate in it.

Salmon fish has the weird life cycle. It hatches in the upper river stream and begins its migration towards the sea that is salty water. When salmon reach the sea the mating takes places. When the mating is over salmon migrate towards the place where they are born. When they arrive at the birthplace they lay the egg and die after that. This peculiar behavior of migration of the fresh to salt and salt to fresh is called Anadromous Migration.

Wild Versus Farm Variety

There are two varieties available of the salmon one is the wild and other is the Farm.

The nutritional composition and the taste of the wild salmon are far greater than the farm salmon. Due to this, it necessitates consuming wild salmon by adequate cooking.


The predominant part of the salmon comprises of the protein which is around twenty percent by weight of the salmon. It has thirteen percent fat and the negligible amount of the carbohydrate.

The vitamins present in the Salmon are Vitamin A, C and B Complex vitamin in varying Amount.

Minerals present in the salmon are Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Iron in varying amount (1).

Health Benefits of Salmon

1. Body Building

A major part of the salmon is comprised of protein that is around twenty percent, which can be considered as the good source of protein (2).

The intake of the diet with the adequate amount of protein can produces series of the beneficial effect on the human health.

2. Weight Loss

The Goodness of the omega 3 fat in the salmon is beneficial for losing the unwanted weight in the human body (3).

Consuming salmon for weight loss mimic the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is characterized by the massive intake of the fat and protein followed by less amount of fat. Due to the absence of carbohydrate for the energy our body consume the innate fat as the source of the energy.

3. Healthy Heart

Regular intake of the salmon is associated with the healthy heart. This is due to the presence of the omega 3 fatty acid that is beneficial to obtain the healthy heart (4).

Further, the goodness of the salmon outweighs all the potential risk from its consumption. The adequate content of the potassium is vital for the optimum functioning of the heart.

4. Brain

The predominant part of the human brains is comprised of the fat. This clearly justifies the importance of the omega 3 fatty acids innate in the salmon for the brain health  (5).

5. Diabetes

Intake of the salmon is associated with the regulation of diabetes. Further, the salmon itself has the negligible amount of carbohydrate which does not spike the level of the glucose in the blood (6).

Anyone anxious about the occurrence of the type 2 diabetes can be benefited by the regular intake of the salmon.

6. Pregnancy

Adequately cooked salmon is safe to consume during the pregnancy. This is due to the beneficial effect on the human body (7).

Consuming undercooked salmon needs to be avoided during the pregnancy, as there is the risk of the spread of the infectious disease.

The intake of the property-cooked salmon can soothe the high nutrient demand during the time of pregnancy.

7. Healthy Skin

Consumption of the salmon produces the healthy skin due to the presence of omega 3 fatty acid.

Various beneficial effects in the skin like unlocking the clogging of the pores, drastic reduction of the inflammation and various damaging effect in the skin are greatly reduced by the intake of the Salmon (8).

8. Hair

The goodness of the nutrient like protein and vitamin-like B complex and other produces various beneficial effects in obtaining the healthy hair.

Further, beneficial effect on the blood vessel produces the healthy hair (9).

9. Healthy Liver

There is the distinct association with the low carb diet and demise in the occurrence of the fatty liver in the human body. This is due to the beneficial effect of the low carbohydrate in the salmon (10).

10. Bone Health

Salmon contain calcium that is beneficial to obtain the healthy bone in the human body (11).

Further, the goodness of the protein and the omega 3 fatty acid drastically increases the health benefits of the consumption.

Wild salmon is lush with the goodness of the vitamin D that is beneficial for the calcium absorption in the body.

11. Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory property of the salmon is due to the presence of the omega 3 fatty acid innate in it (12).

12. Antioxidant

Salmon is lush with the goodness of the antioxidant required for the human body (13). The presence of the Taurine is clear indication of the presence of the antioxidant.

13. Depression

Intake of the salmon is associated with the reduction in the occurrence of the depression in the human body. This beneficial credit is given to the goodness of the omega 3 fatty acid innate in the salmon (14).

14. ADHD

Attention Defective Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is the noisome disease occurring in the children marked by the hyperactive brain followed by the rapid mood swing.

Salmon can be considered as the safer for the children suffering from the ADHD (15).

15. Joint Pain

The goodness of the omega 3 fatty acid in soothing arthritis can be effective in erasing the pain occurring in the joint (16).

The intake of the salmon is effective in soothing the joint pain and inflammation occurring in the body.

16. Eyesight

The goodness of innate nutrient like Vitamin A is effective in obtaining the healthy eye in the body (17).

Due to this reason, it is often included in the list of the diet which helps in the obtain adequate eyesight.

17. Prevent Cancer

Wild salmon is lush in the goodness of the vitamin D, which is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of cancer (18).

19. Boost the Cognitive Power

The innate benefits of the wild salmon are associated with the adequate functioning of the cognitive power of the brain (20).

Risk of Consuming Salmon

There are various risks associated with the consumption of the salmon. The common one encountered are the chances of infestation of the parasite from the wild salmon.

In the case of the commercial cultivation, there is the risk of the heavy metal poisoning. Salmon being carnivorous is higher in the food chain. Hence the chances of the accumulation of the toxicants always remain higher.

1. Bioaccumulation

This is the process of accumulation of the toxic chemical like the pesticides and various inorganic chemicals in the higher level of the food chain.

Chemicals are lipophilic hence get dissolved in the cellar component.

Let's take an example of river ecosystem that has the phytoplankton, zooplankton, small fish and large fish.

The phytoplankton which harasses the energy from the sun and creates their own food has the low level of the toxicants in it. The zooplankton, which feeds on the phytoplankton, has the higher concentration of the toxicant due to virtually absent of the expelling mechanism in the body. The small fish, which feeds on the zooplankton, has further higher level of the toxicants. The higher the organism in food chain higher will be the exposure to the toxicants.

Lets, take an example of the human that is in the higher level of the food chain that makes them prone to high level of the toxicant (21).

2. Cancer

The unhealthy level of the dioxins and various chemicals innate in the farm-raised salmon is often claimed to interfere with the adequate brain development of the children (22).

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