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Monday, April 24, 2017

18 Health Benefits and 8 Potential Risks of Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin is the widely consumed vegetable around the globe. The cultivation of the pumpkin dates back to the long period of time from now. Due to immense health benefits upon the consumption people have been planting pumpkin from the long time back.

Pumpkin is claimed to be native to North America. Presently, it is cultivated throughout the world due to high nutrition content in the pumpkin and on seed.


The predominant part of the pumping seed is comprised of fat which represents around half of the pumpkin seed by volume. It has the high amount of the protein that is around thirty percent. It has the adequate amount of the carbohydrate, which is more than fourteen percent by volume.

The vitamin present in the pumpkin seed is the C, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount.

Minerals present in the pumpkin seed are the calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and Sodium in varying amount (1).

Almost all the minerals present in the pumpkin are in the noticeable amount.

How to Consume Pumpkin Seed

There are various ways to consume the pumpkin seed. Some of the common ways are by roasting it in the oven. After that it can be consumed whole or by crushing it in the powdered forms.

It is essential to take precaution during the roasting as the seeds are fragile and can burn easily if high heat is used.

Although, it can be eaten in raw form by removing the outer covering carefully.

Health Benefits of the Pumpkin Seeds

There are several Health benefits of the pumpkin seed. The noticeable one is described consciously below.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Pumping seeds has the innate anti-inflammatory property that is beneficial to soothe the inflammation occurring in the body.

The anti-inflammatory character of the pumpkin seeds is helpful in the reduction of asthma and joint pain (2).

2. Skin

The goodness of the nutrient like zinc, fatty acid, selenium and vitamin E is effective for the maintenance of the healthy skin in the human body (3).

This is the prime reason for the occurrence of the healthy skin upon consumption of the pumpkin seed.

3. Hair

Applying the pumpkin seed in the scalp is beneficial in optioning the healthy hair. This is due to the goodness present in the seed that nourishes the scalp (4).

4. Prostate

The presence of the adequate amount of the zinc is clear indication of the healthy prostate health upon the consumption of the pumpkin seed (5).

Consuming the pumpkin seed is effective in soothing the swollen prostate gland.

5. Infertility

Chronic zinc deficiency is often associated with the low sperm count in the male, which can potentially lead to infertility. Due to the high amount of the zinc in the pumpkin seeds consumption of pumpkin seeds can be beneficial in combating infertility (6).

6. Post Menopausal

Pumpkin seed is claimed to produce the beneficial effect by adequately mentioning the HDL cholesterol in the blood (7).

7. Insomnia

Consuming the pumpkin seeds can be beneficial for obtaining the healthy prostate in the human body (8).

8. Thyroid

The innate goodness of the minerals like copper and zinc which is beneficial in the maintenance of the thyroid in the human body.

Further, the presence of the trace amount of the tyrosine, which is the amino acid, required for the adequate functioning of the thyroid drastically increases the health benefits (9).

9. Bone Health

Pumpkin seed is lush in the magnesium that is claimed to be effective in the obtaining of the healthy bone. Often the roles of the magnesium for the mentioning of the healthy bone are neglected (10).

Due to the various goodness innate in the pumpkin seed consumption of the pumpkin seeds produces several beneficial effects.

10. Arthritis

Due to the goodness of the antioxidant combined with the various beneficial fatty acids. The pumpkin seed oil has the innate capacity to demise the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis (11).

11. Lose Weight

Pumping seed is lush with the omega 3, which is beneficial in the reducing the weight in the human body (12).

Further, the goodness of the minerals and innate vitamin drastically increases the benefits.

12. Vision

The presence of the zinc in the pumpkin seed is claimed to be beneficial to obtain the healthy eye (13).

13. Kill Intestinal Worm

The innate cucurbitacins in the pumpkin seed are beneficial in paralyzing the worm. This result in the effective removal of the worms from the body (14).

Consuming the pumpkin seed does not kill the intestinal worm but can help in the elimination of the intestinal worm from the gut.

14. Alzheimer’s

Due to the goodness of the innate antioxidant followed by the goodness of the nutrition. Consumption of the pumpkins seeds is effective in the combat against the Alzheimers.

Due to this pumpkin seed is often included in the list of the food to prevent the Alzheimer's disease (15).

The occurrence of the Alzheimer's is skyrocketing due to the acceleration of the loneliness in the old age.

15. Liver

This is due to the goodness of the minerals like magnesium in the pumpkin seed. Consumption of which is claimed to be beneficial in the prevention of the liver ailment like cirrhosis (16).

16. Stone

Intake of the pumpkin is associated with the reduction in the occurrence of the stone in the bladder and the kidney.

Pumpkin seeds are claimed to prevent the kidney stone formation due to easing the calcium oxalate formation (17).

17. Accelerate Wound Healing

The innate goodness of the vitamins and minerals in the pumpkin seed accelerate the healing process of the wound. Due to this pumpkin seed has been traditionally used in the treatment of the wounds (18).

18. Cancer

The presence of the linoleic and oleic acid in the pumpkin seeds are effective in reducing the occurrence of cancer in the cell (19).

Further, the presence of the antioxidant drastically decreases the occurrence of cancer in the human body.

Side Effect of the Pumpkin Seed

1. Bowel Upset and Diarrhea

Consuming the massive dose of the pumpkin in the short period of time can cause the bowel upset leading to several noisome effects (1).

Intake of the pumping seed is associated with the occurrence of diarrhea in the human body. This is due to high amount of the fiber content in the seed. The daily-recommended dose of the fiber is less than 35 grams for an adult. Due to this, it often recommends consuming pumpkin seed in moderation.

2. Diuretic

The intake of the pumpkin seed is often associated with the increase in the urination (2).

This can create noisome due to the requirement of the frequent urination.

3. Asthma

Although various literature claims that association of the demise in the occurrence of asthma and the consumption of the pumpkin seed mainly due to the presence of vitamin c and magnesium (3). 

Due to the allergic reaction to some people to the pumpkin seed, the chances of occurrence of asthma raises.

4. Constipation

Although the occurrence of the constipation is the rare phenomenon but it can happen in some individuals (4).

Constipation can create series of the noisome effect to the human health.

5. Migraine

Due to the content of the tyramine which can trigger a migraine in some individuals (5). This is also present in other seed like the sunflower, sesame etc.,

Migraines is characterized by the pain in the one side of the head and there lacks the effective medication to cure a migraine.

6. Decrease the Blood Pressure

Ad hock articles on the Internet claims that the intake of the pumpkin seed is considered to lower the blood pressure in the human body (6).

Due to this pumpkin seed is often included in the list of the food, which lowers the blood pressure.

7. Not Suitable for Infant, Pregnant, and Lactating Women

Due to the noisome side effect like vomiting, diarrhea, it is often advised to consume the moderate amount of pumpkin seed (7).

8. Irritation

When the pumpkin seed is not properly chewed it irritate esophagus leading to the several adverse effects (8).

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