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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10 Majestic Reasons to Stop Juicing Vegetable

It is true that vegetables are far nutritious than fruits. Let us take an example of the vegetable like Moringa, which is highly nutritious (1). Due to relatively low amount of the carbohydrate in vegetable compared to that of the fruit, it is often considered safer for the consumption

Consuming adequate cooked vegetable really produces several beneficial effects in the human body. But juicing the vegetable determinate the nutritional value of the vegetable.

Juicing accelerate the bacterial contamination. As every new step added to the cooked food adds more microorganisms. Further, juicing denature the structure of the fiber which of immense importance to the human health. Due to this, it is essential to avoid the juicing of the vegetable.

Reasons to Stop Juicing

1. Add More Microorganisms

Juicing adds more microorganisms in the vegetable than consuming without juicing. Due to this reason, it is essential to avoid the juicing of the vegetable.

2. Increase Constipation

Constipation is often lower by the high fiber diet (2). Juicing caused the decrease in the beneficial effect of the fiber resulting in the obstacle in the bowel movement. Inadequate bowel movement is often triggering factor for constipation.

3. Raise Cholesterol

Due to less amount of the fiber supplied by juicing of the vegetable it drastically raises the cholesterol level in the blood.

4. Heart Disease

Juicing vegetable makes prone to the heart disease due to obstruction in the normal cholesterol regulation resulting in booting of blood pressure.

5. Stone in Kidney

High fiber diet is often associated with the reduction in the occurrence of the stone in the kidney.

6. Colon Cancer

The cleansing effect of the high fiber diet is effective in the prevention of the colon cancer in the human body.

7. Ageing Effects

Due to the massive reduction of the health benefits fiber followed by the several adverse effect consumption of the vegetable accelerate the aging effects.

8. Upset the Gut Flora

Gut flora gets disturbed due to the lack of the high fiber diet to sustain the growth and prosperity of the gut bacteria.

9. Impair Nutrient Absorption

Nutrient absorption gets retarded due to the alternation of the normal process of absorption by the low fiber diet.

10. Porn to Diabetes

High fiber diet is associated with the reduction in the diabetes occurrence. This is due to the effective control of the release of the blood stream. Lack of the adequate fiber in the diet reverse the scenario.  

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