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Friday, March 10, 2017

18 Miracle Behind Rapid Spread of Lemon

The alluring sour taste of the lemon is mouth watering to every individual around the globe. Lemon is sour due to the citric content in it that accounts for five to six percent of the lemon juice by volume.

The lemon tree is the medium size perennial flowering tree claimed to be native to the Asia. It can merely attend the height of more than six meters. Lemon is often considering hybrid between the bitter orange and sweet orange (1).

Due to stimulating taste and humongous health benefit the popularity of the lemon is on rising.

Lime and Lemon 

Lime differs from the lemon as lime have more carbohydrate and citric content than that of lemon. Lime is generally available in green color but turns yellow when fully ripen. 

Climatic Requirement

A lemon tree can grow in the variety of climatic condition. Depending upon the soil type and weather condition fruiting takes place year round.

In the tropical and temperate the fruiting takes more than two times in a year.

The lemon from the temperate climate is believed to be of higher quality.

Methods of Consumption

There is the various method of consumption of the lemon. Lemon is often consumed in fresh form by including in several culinary manuals.

Lemon from the major part of various drinks available for human consumption.


Freshly squeeze lemon is acidic in nature. It is recommended to consume upon dilution with water.

Fresh lemon can be corrosive to the enamel which is the outer covering of the teeth.

It is essential to brush the teeth after half and hour after consuming the concentrate lemon juice to prevent the corrosion of the teeth.

In order to have an adequate health benefit, it is essential to use the fresh lemon instead of the lemon juice laden with preservatives.

Long-term Storage

For long-term storage of the lemon generally, the lemon is preserved with the salt solution for the considerable longer period of time.

The lemon preserved in the salt can last for many years and often used as the pickle.

Nutritional Information

The lemon content higher amount of carbohydrate, the moderate amount of protein and the scant amount of fat.

Vitamin present in the lemon is the vitamin C, choline and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9.

Minerals present in the lemon are calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, and magnesium in varying amount (2).

Health Benefit of the Lemon

1. Scurvy

This is often considering as the sailor disease. This disease is marked by bleeding gum and difficulty in clotting of the blood. This was the prime cause of death in past especial in the long voyage on the ship.

Lemon being lush with the vitamin C can prevent this disease.

2. Immunity Booster

The immune booster is due to the presence of vitamin C in the Lemon. Vitamin C is believed to be the potent immune booster.

3. Common Cold

Lemon juice is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of the common cold. Lemon, when consumed with the ginger and honey, can yield the better result (3).

4. Antibacterial

Lemon has antibacterial properties and can be effective in the prevention of disease caused by bacteria. A bacterial disease like that of typhoid, cholera can be prevented by the consumption of the lemon juice (4).

5. Retard Ageing Process

The aging process is accelerated due to the lack of antioxidants in the diet. Lemon is lush with the antioxidant like vitamin C, Flavonoids that can be effective in preventing the damage of the cell by the detrimental effect of free radical (5).

6. Alkalize the Body

Lemon being lush with the citric acid that is the mild organic acid. The end product of this mild acid is alkaline. It is due to this beneficial effect consuming lemon helps to alkalize the body.

7. Healthy Liver

Regular consumption of the lemon stimulates the enzyme in the liver, which can be beneficial for the adequate functioning of the liver. It is recommended to have the fresh lemon juice squeezed in Luke warm water at morning in an empty stomach for optimum benefits.

8. Bowel Movement

Consumption of the lemon can facilitate the adequate movement of the bowel. This can accelerate the peristalsis movement of the body leading to lots of beneficial effects in the human body. The noisome problems like constipation and diarrhea can be prevented by the intake of lemon.

9. Healthy Heart

Due to the adequate content of potassium that is essential for the adequate functioning of the heart. Consumption of the lemon is believed to be beneficial for the normal functioning of the heart.

10. Charming Skin

Regular consumption of the lemon juice is claimed to produce the charming skin (6). This is mainly due to innate vitamin c in the diet.

11. Respiratory Aliments

Consuming the lemon can be effective to ease from the respiratory ailments occurring in the human body.

12. Weight Loss

It has been believed from a long time back that regular consumption of the lemon juice helps to combat the excessive fat in the body.

Lemon juice when combined with honey yield the beneficial result.

13. Toothache

Lemon juice has the power to combat a toothache in the human body. Gently massaging the lemon juice in the bleeding gums can be effective to get rid of the noisome effect of the gum pain.

14. Hair

Lemon juice is effective to prevent dandruff, hair fall and various other problems occur in the hair (7).

15. Cancer Prevention

Lemon is effective in the combat of various types of cancer occurring in the human body (8).

16. Iron Absorption

Consumption of the lemon is believed to enhance the iron absorption occurring in the human body (9).

17. Morning Sickness

Lemon juice can be effective in the combat of the morning sickness during the early stage of pregnancy.

18 Miscarriages

Folate contains in the lemon can be effective to prevent the miscarriage during the early stage of pregnancy.

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