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Friday, March 24, 2017

Science Based Advantage and Disadvantage of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is wildly consumed drinks around the globe. There is no exaggeration to say that coffee is one of the popular beverage in the world.

Coffees we consume on the daily basis are the roasted coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans attend more than two hindered degree centigrade while processing. Roasting is the essential process because it causes the loss of sucrose during the darker roasts.

Coffee originates from Africa and is spread to the different parts of the world (1).

Coffee is the evergreen tree that can grow up to 5 meters in height. Coffee is generally cultivated in around the world mostly in the warmer climate.

Coffee is popular in the world due to the caffeine content in it (2).

Expensive Coffee

The world expensive coffee is collected from beans eaten by the wild Civets. This is believed to of superior quality; as wild civets are believed to consume premium quality coffee beans.


This is the process of extracting the caffeine from the coffee. There are various ways to decaffeinate the coffee.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is a product sold for direct consumption. Coffee is made into the soluble powder that can rapidly dissolve in water.

Health Benefits of Coffee are Summarized as:

1. Elevate Energy Level

Caffeine content in the coffee is the potent neurotoxin which has the capacity to irritate the nervous system in the human body. Due to this various effect like the mood enhancement, temporary alertness is felt (3).

2. Fat Loss

Caffeine contains in the coffee is beneficial in losing the unwanted fat from the human body (4). Consuming the moderate amount of coffee can be beneficial for anyone wishing to lose unwanted fat from the body. Several types of research done around the globe reveal that coffee increases the metabolic rate (5).

The chlorogenic acid in the coffee is effective in the weight loss.

3. Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s

This is the disease marked by neurodegenerative effects. Several studies around the globe have shown that several diseases like Alzheimer’s can be prevented by the regular consumption of the Coffee.

4. Depression

Regular consumption of the coffee is beneficial for anyone suffering from the depression. This is often claimed that consuming coffee brings the happiness that is vital for the human body.

5. Prevent Cancer

Studies have shown that consumption of the coffee is associated with the reduction of the occurrence of cancer in the human body. Cancer occurring in the liver and the colorectal can be prevented by regular consumption of the coffee (6).

6. Healthy Liver

Consumption of the coffee is associated with healthy liver marked by the protective benefits. Liver cirrhosis is often encountered liver disorder by the binge drinkers around the globe. This effect can be minimizing by regular consumption.

7. Parkinson’s Disease

Various studies around the globe claim that association between decrease in the Parkinson’s disease and the regular coffee consumption.

8. Type 2 Diabetes

Due to the stimulation of pancreas to secrete insulin and increase in metabolic rate in the human body. Consumption of coffee decreases the risk of occurrence of Type 2 diabetes.

9. Heat Production

This is the most beneficial effect of the coffee. Due to increase in the metabolic rate in the human body consumption of coffee increases the heat production in the body.

Harmful Effects of the Coffee

The health benefits of the coffee are highly debated as consuming coffee has both the helpful and harmful effects on the human health.

Moderate consumption of the coffee can be beneficial for human health. Higher doses of coffee in short period of time increases the health risk.

1. Elevated Blood Pressure

Consuming coffee in higher doses surge in the blood pressure leading to the unwanted consequences.

2. Insomnia

This is due to caffeine content in the coffee. The Caffeine is the potent neurotoxin which can cause adverse effects when consumed in high amount.

Consuming coffee before bed can impair the normal sleeping pattern.

3. Restlessness

Massive does of coffee for the prolonged period of time can cause Restlessness.

4. Pancreatic Cancer

Coffees stimulate the pancreas to release the hormone insulin in the blood stream. Due to the constant pressure in the pancreases various noisome disease arises.

5. Gum Disease

Consuming coffee is believed to accelerate the disease in the gum. Further, the color of teeth turns into dull due to the massive intake of coffee.

6. Nausea

Consuming the black coffee in the empty stomach can stimulate nausea. The problems are severe in the person suffering from the gastric ailments.

7. Withdrawal Symptoms

Coffee has withdrawal symptoms so very difficult to quite. A headache, pain in the eye, the head are the common withdrawal symptoms.

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