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Thursday, March 2, 2017

12 Health Benefit of Consuming Guava Fruit

Guava is the nutritious fruit widely consumed around the globe. It can be grown in the wide range of the climatic condition. They are found in the wild state in the different forest around the globe.

Farmers are attracted towards the guava cultivation because it does not require intensive care like other plants. Further, Guava can live for more than forty years on normal condition (1).

Guava is the common fruit in the Asian countries.


Guava grows in the variety of climatic condition. Guavas are found in the tropical, subtropical and the temperate region of the globe. It grows year round in tropical climate whereas once in the alpine climate.


Guava is mostly propagated through vegetative means. The plant grown from the seed takes two to eight years to bear fruit. This is the reason why the propagation is generally carried through the vegetative means.


Guava is naturally dispersed by the birds, mammals and another organism that consume it. Ripe guava is consumed by the organism and when the organism defecates they disperse the seed of the guava.


In almost all part of the world, guava is consumed as raw. Different cultures around the world have different culinary manual depending on the taste.


The precise origin of the guava is highly debated. It is claimed to have been originated from Mexico or from central America (2).


There is the need for caution as the massive dose of guava can cause diarrhea. Moderation is the key for optimum benefit.

Consumption of the unripe guava needs to be done with great caution. As unripe fruit can accelerate constipation.

Nutritional information

Guava is comprised of the scant amount of fat, the slight amount of protein and higher amount of the carbohydrate.

Vitamins present are Vitamin A, K, C and B complex like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9. Guava contains the massive dose of vitamin C in the single serving.

Minerals present are Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Calcium in varying amount (3).

Health benefit of eating Guava are summarized below

1. Constipation

Guava is very effective in easing the effects of constipation. The high soluble fiber content that is more than five percentages by volume. This can be effective to facilitate adequate bowel movement that is effective in the adequate digestion of the food.

The case of colorectal cancer is skyrocketing in the present day. Regular consumption of the fruit like Guava can be beneficial to human health due to the acceleration of the excretory system.

2. Immunity Booster

This is due to the presence of higher amount of the vitamin C that acts as the immune booster. The common ailments occurring in the human body such as a cough and cold due to the lack of vitamin C in the diet can be erased by the regular consumption of guava.

3. Diabetes

Due to the high content of the soluble fiber that makes the release of glucose in the blood smoother. Consumption of the guava helps to combat diabetes.

The unripe guava contains less amount of the sugar which is suitable for anyone with diabetes.

4. Eyesight

Guava is lush with the vitamin A that is vital for the adequate vision in the human body (4). It is highly helpful during the old age when the person experience problems on the vision.

5. Cancer

The presence of the chemical that can be effective in the prevention of cancer like polyphenols and Lycopene, Quercetin, etc. are effective to combat oxidative damage of the cell.

Various cancers like that occur in the breast, prostate, oral can be prevented by the intake of the Guava (5).

6. Scurvy

This is caused due to the lack of vitamin C in the diet. This disease in marked by bleeding gum and difficulty in the healing wounds.   This was the potent problems of the sailor in the old age. Guava being lush with the vitamin C helps in the combat of the Scurvy (6).

7. Weight Loss

Guava is lush with the vitamins, fibers and vital nutrient required for the human body. Due to this consumption of the guava can be beneficial in losing the weight.

8. Thyroid Ailments

Due to the content of trace amount of the copper in the Guava it is effective in the optimum performance of thyroid gland (7).

9. Miscarriage

Due to the higher amount of Vitamin B9 also known as folic acid. Consumption of the guava is believed to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

10. Healthy Heart

Due to the presence of the Potassium that is essential for the healthy heart-consuming guava helps to mention the good health. Further, the innate high fiber content combined with the natural ability to lower cholesterol in the blood can make the heart health better.

Several types of research have confirmed that regular eating of the guava lowers the cholesterol in the blood (8).

11. Tooth Pain

Consuming guava is effective in easing the tooth pain. It is mainly due to the antibacterial quality of the guava.

12. Skin Health

Guava is lush with the goodness of antioxidant that is vital for mentioning healthy skin.

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