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Friday, March 17, 2017

Distinct Health Benefits of Pomegranate Fruit

Pomegranate is the medium size deciduous small trees widely applaud around the world. The tree is small and fragile and can reach merely eight meters in height.

Pomegranate is the drought tolerance species. The fruit turns from the green to red during the process of ripening. When adequately ripen the fruit get rupture and seeds get exposed under the natural condition.

How to Eat

To extract the seed for the consumption is the grueling task for anyone wishing to consume the pomegranate. It is essential to pill off the skin in an adequate way so that the tender seeds get exposed. The seed needs to be extracted gently and with great care.

In order to get the adequate health benefits of the pomegranate, it is essential to consume pomegranate in fresh form.

The pomegranate juice available in the market is laden with the preservatives and sugar that has the nugatory heath benefits upon consumption.


The precise origin of the pomegranate is highly debated with some prediction that they have originated around the Mediterranean region and the India (1).


The pomegranate can grow in the variety of climatic condition. Generally, the subtropical and temperate climate is favorable for the optimum production of pomegranate.

Unlike another plant which is sensitive to the frost pomegranate can tolerate the slight amount of frost (2).


Pomegranate seed can germinate when shown on the soil surface. It takes the longer time to bear the fruit and is not suitable for commercial cultivators.

The commercial cultivator uses the vegetative means for the propagation rather than the seed due to lower in fruiting time.

The vegetatively propagated plant tends to produce seed early than propagated by other means.


Pomegranate is lush with the goodness of the essential nutrient required for the human body. Pomegranate contains more that eighteen percent of carbohydrate by volume. Greater than one percent of protein and surprisingly more than one percent of fat.

Vitamins present in the pomegranate are vitamin C, E, K and B-complex like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount.

Minerals present in the pomegranate includes the manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and sodium in varying amount (3).

Health benefits of the pomegranates are:

1. Cancer

Pomegranate is effective in easing cancer arises from the human body. Cancer like prostate cancer can be prevented by the pomegranate consumption.

Further, pomegranate extract has been proven to suppress the cancer occurrence in the breast (4).

Pomegranate has the anti-tumor properties which are effective in the prevention of the uncontrolled growth of the cell.

2. Joint Pain

Arthritis and the joint pain are the most commonly occurring health problems in the human body, especially in older age. The regular consumption of the pomegranate is believed to be effective against the joint pain occurring in the human body.

3. Digestive Aliments

Due to the presence of adequate amount of fiber consumption of the pomegranate is effective in the remedies of several ailments in the digestive system.

4. Enhance the Cognitive Power

This is due to the innate goodness of nutrient and the antioxidant. Regular consumption of the pomegranate is believed to enhance the cognitive power.

5. Healthy Heart

Regular consumption of the pomegranate helps to lower the blood pressure in the human body (5).

Further, the innate potassium content in the pomegranate is effective in the normal functioning of the heart.

The innate goodness of the pomegranate prevents the oxidation of the LDL cholesterol generally called the bad cholesterol (6)

6. Antimicrobial

Pomegranate has the antimicrobial characters, which is effective in the removing of the unwanted pathogens. Several pathogens like that of the bacteria, virus and fungal disease can be prevented by the consumption.

7. Healthy Gum and Teeth

Due to the innate antimicrobial character, the consumption of the pomegranate helps in keeping the healthy gum and teeth.

8. Anemia

This is the disease marked by the insufficient level of iron in the diet. Due to the content of iron in pomegranate which is effective in the prevention of the disease like anemia (7).

9. Aphrodisiac

It has been traditionally believed that the pomegranate has the aphrodisiac power. This is due to the beneficial effect produced during the smooth circulation of the blood.

10. Retard Ageing

Pomegranates are lush with the goodness of the antioxidant like punicalagins that are effective in preventing the aging effects.

11. Piles and Anal Itch

The consumption of the pomegranate is beneficial as it expels the intestinal parasite and soothes the occurrence of piles.


  1. Wow, a super fruit. If only it didn't take so much effort to eat a pomegranate. But still, it is yummy and healthy at the same time.