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Friday, March 31, 2017

Curry Leaves Nutrition and 14 Proven Health Benefits

Curry tree is considered Native to South East Asia. It can grow well in the tropical and subtropical climate. This is the common species in the tropical and subtropical region of south East Asia.

The leaves obtained from the curry tree are called the curry leaves. Curry leaves mimic the Neem plant leaves and are sweet in taste in contrast to the bitter taste of Neem.

Unlike neem tree, curry trees are small in size and can merely attend the height of more than six meters.

Curry leaves are the most important ingredient in the south Asian cousin.

Traditionally curry leaves were given along with the turmeric in the time of snakebite.

How to use the Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are mixed along with the curry to make it nutritious. Although the aroma of the dried curry leaves is inferior to that of the fresh leaves. The dried curry leaves are widely used around the globe mainly due to ease of storage and transportation.


Seeds are used to propagate the plant. The edible part of the plant is leaf so the vegetative propagation methods are less frequently used like that of the other plants.


Curry leaves consist of carbohydrate, protein, fat in varying amount. More than eighteen percent of the curry leaves comprise of the carbohydrate, six percent protein, and one percent fat respectively. It is widely noticed for the fiber content comprises of more than four percent by volume.

Vitamins present in the curry leaves are the C, A, E, and B complex vitamin in varying amount.

Minerals present in the curry leaves are Ion, Calcium, Phosphorus, etc. in different proportion.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

1. Anemia

Anemia is caused due to the lack of iron in the diet. Curry leaves being lush in the iron can be effective in the combat of the anemia occurring in the human body (1).

The folic acid present in the curry leaves makes the absorption of the iron smoother in the body.

2. Digestion

Consumption of curry leaves is believed to be beneficial in the digestive system. There has been claimed on the consumption of curry leaves is related to adequate fat absorption in the body.

It is generally perceived that curry leaves have the mild laxative property which is beneficial for the smooth bowel movement.

3. Diabetes

The innate fiber in the curry leaves is claimed to be effective in regulating the glucose level in the human body.

4. Kidney Aliments

Curry leaves are found to be effective in the removal of the ailments occurring in the kidney.

5. Prevent Liver Damage

The Kaempferol which is the potent antioxidant present in the curry leaves and when consumed can protect the liver from the oxidative damage. Further, the presence of Vitamin A and C drastically increases the function.

6. Prevent Cataracts

Curry leaves are effective in combating the eye disorders like preventing cataract occurrence in the human body.

The high level of vitamin A present in the curry leaves can be beneficial to prevent vision loss, especially in dosage (2).

7. Lowering the Cholesterol

There has been claimed from the nutrition pundit that the consumption of the curry leaves can lower the bad cholesterol by preventing the oxidation of the cholesterol. This beneficial credit is given to the antioxidant present in the curry Leaves (3).

8. Weight Loss

Curry leaves are effective in losing the weight in the human body. The consumption of the curry leaves is believed to accelerate the process of weight loss in the human body. It is recommended to consume fresh curry leaves in morning in the empty stomach for optimum benefits.

9. Anti-Inflammation

Curry leaves can protect the body against inflammation that can be effective in the time of occurrence of diarrhea.

10. Antimicrobial

Curry leaves have the strong anti-bacterial, fungal and antiprotozoal nature. Due to this, it is effective to control the noisome microorganism occurring in the human body.

11. Prevent Cancer

There are researchers around the globe claiming the anticancer properties of the curry leaves. Due to this, it is helpful in the preventing the occurrence of cancer in the human body.

12. Healthy Hair

Curry leaves can prevent various ailment in the hair like dandruff, hair fall, graying hair, etc. mainly due to its antimicrobial and anti-protozoan properties.

13. Ease the Adverse Effect of Chemotherapy

Curry leaves is lush with the goodness of the health benefits preventing the adverse effect of the chemotherapy like hair loss, stress, further the antioxidant present in the curry leaves is effective in protecting chromosome from the adverse effect of free radical production.

14. Blood Circulation

Consumption of the curry leaves helps in the smooth circulation of the blood in the human body.

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