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Monday, March 6, 2017

13 Benefits of Consuming Luscious Fruit Orange

Orange is the luscious citrus fruit widely consumed around the globe. Due to the immense health benefit of consumption the popularity of orange is at its zenith.

Orange is the hybrid between Pomelo and mandarin of whom twenty-five percent is Pomelo and seventy percent is mandarin (1). Generally Mandarin has seed innate which is an often cause of noisome during consumption.

There is no precise study to claim the origin of the orange. As orange is virtually absent in the natural forest around the globe.

There are two categories of the orange one is sweet and other is bitter. The sweet orange of highly consumed around the globe whereas bitter orange is used as making Jams and as the flavoring agent.

Due to high demand in the national and international market, it is among the most popular cultivated fruit around the globe.

The Orange tree is the evergreen flowering tree that can attend the height of around 15 minutes (2). 

Climatic Requirement

Orange flourish well in the temperate climate. It is the luscious food hence require the adequate amount of water and sunshine.


Propagation is often carried by the vegetative means instead of seed. The plant propagated from the seed requires prolonging time to bear fruit and to germinate (3).


Though orange is lush with the goodness of nutrition. Moderation consumption of the orange only produces the beneficial effects.

The orange juice available in the market which is lush with the sugar and preservative which can cause more harm than goodness.

It is essential to eat the freshly peeled orange juice in order to get the adequate benefit.

Nutrition of the orange

Orange is lush with the goodness of nutrition. It has the higher amount of the carbohydrate, the scant amount of fat and the slight amount of protein.

Vitamin presents in the orange are A, E, C, choline, and Vitamin B complexes like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 in varying amount.

The minerals present in the orange are calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous in slight amount (4).

Health benefits of orange are

Orange is lush with the goodness of nutrient due to this consuming orange can be beneficial to the human health.

1. Weight Loss

Orange has the higher amount of the carbohydrate and the negligible amount of fat that can be boon for anyone wishing to lose the weight.

It is highly recommended to use the whole orange instead of orange juice as it lacks the dietary fiber innate in the orange. Datary fiber has many beneficial health effects upon consumption.

2. Cancer

Limonoids present in the orange is claimed to be beneficial to prevent cancer. Further, vitamin C that is the potent antioxidant required to neutralize the adverse effects of free radical in the cell.

3. Heart Heath

Due to the content of adequate amount of potassium, choline requires for the optimum performance of the heart. Regular consumption of orange can be beneficial to the heart health. Further, Orange has the capacity to decrease the cholesterol in the blood.

Orange is lush with the antioxidant that has the powerful effect in oxidization of cholesterol (5).

4. Constipation

The innate fiber content in the orange is beneficial to combat constipation occurring in various individuals.

5. Immune Boosting

Orange has the capacity to boost the immune system in the body. Orange is lush with the vitamin C that has the innate capacity to boost the immune system in the body (6).

6. Lung Cancer

Regular consumption of the orange is beneficial for the lung and can prevent the occurrence of the lung cancer. This is due to the presence of beta-cryptoxanthin in the orange.

7. Vision

Orange is lush with vitamin A that is effective in the production of good vision in the human eye. Further, the presence of compound like Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene increase this function.

8. Kidney Stone

Regular consumption of the orange juice is claimed to reduce the occurrence of kidney stone in the human body. The high level of potassium is claimed to perform this function.

9. Ulcers

Orange has the capacity to reduce the occurrence of cancer in the human body. One orange in a day can serve this beneficial function (7).

10. Glowing Skin

Orange is lush with the vitamin C that is essential for the healthy skin. It is effective in the combat of the harmful UV radiation from the sun. Further, collagen production can help to combat the wrinkles.

11. Prevent Hair Loss

This is due to the presence of the vitamin C in the orange. It is claimed that regular consumption of the orange juice prevent the premature hair falls.

12. Pregnancy

Orange is considered safe to consume during the pregnancy. Consuming orange juice is believed to enhance the neurological development of the baby in the womb.

13. Diabetes

Orange is sweet juice with the low glycemic index value. Moderate consumption of the fresh orange can be beneficial for anyone suffering from diabetes.


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