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Saturday, March 18, 2017

14 Compelling Reasons to Consume Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the widely consumed vegetables around the globe. The reason for the popularity of broccoli is lush with the goodness of innate nutrient.

The peculiar dark green appearance of the broccoli is compelling to everyone.

Broccoli is distinct among other vegetables as they provide vital nutrient required for the body.  It is low-calorie food.


The origin of the broccoli is claimed to be from the Italy (1). Due to the immense health benefits, people around the globe have been cultivating it from a long time back.


Broccoli is the annual plant and propagation is done with the seeds.


Broccoli grows well in the temperate climate. But can also be grown in tropical and subtropical climate during the winter seasons.


There are three varieties of the broccoli found in the world. They are Calabrese, Sprouting, and Purple.

Method of Consumption

Broccoli is normally consumed by Steam and gentle heating. Excessive cooking for the prolonged period of time can alter the texture of the Broccoli.

It can also be consumed when deep-fried with oil. Broccoli is occasionally consumed raw.

It is essential to properly wash the broccoli before consumption especially while consuming in raw.


Broccoli is lush with the goodness of the essential nutrient required for the human body.

It has more than six percent of the carbohydrate, around three percent of protein and the scant amount of fat.

Vitamins present in the broccoli are the vitamin A, C, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 in varying amount.

Minerals present in the Broccoli are calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and iron in varying amount (2).

Health Benefits of Broccoli

1. Good Vision

Broccoli has the vitamin A that is essential to produce good vision in the human body. Vitamin A deficiency in the diet causes the night blindness that is the frequent encounter problems primarily in the rural part of the world.

2. Antioxidant

Broccoli is lush with the goodness of antioxidant due to the variety of phytonutrient, vitamins and mineral present in it (3).

3. Decrease Cancer

The consumption of broccoli is associated with the decrease in the occurrence of cancer like that of prostate, breast, bladder, and ovarian (4).

Colorectal cancer is the skyrocketing in the present age and the broccolis are lush with the goodness to prevent the occurrence of such disease.

4. Digestion

Broccolis are lush with the fiber, which is vital for the smooth bowel movement in the human body. Broccoli can accelerate the growth of bacterial flora in the gut.  An adequate amount of bacterial flora is vital for the optimum function of digestive system.

5. Miscarriage

Lack of Folate is often caused of miscarriage during the early stage of pregnancy. Broccoli has the adequate amount of Folate that is effective to minimize the chances of miscarriage.

6. Bone Health

Broccoli is lush with the goodness of essential nutrient required for the adequate balance of the human body. The minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous present in the broccoli have the beneficial effect in healthy bone.

7. Glowing Skin

Due to the content of the vitamin c which his effective in the prevention of damage to the skin by the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation. Consumption of the broccoli can make healthy skin.

8. Healthy Heart

Broccoli is null in cholesterol and has the adequate amount of the potassium that is essential for the human body. Due to this consumption of the broccoli is believed to have beneficial effects on the human body.

9. Blood Clotting

This effect is due to the presence of the vitamin K and Calcium in the Broccoli (5).

10. Detoxification

This is vital for the normal functioning of the human body. Due to the presence of protein, sulfur and vitamin C in the broccoli that has the potential to detoxify the toxic substance from the body.

Detoxification enables the human body to escape from the various diseases like the enema, boils, itches (6).

11. Arthritis

It has been claimed that consumption of the broccoli can helps to ease from the adverse effect of the Arthritis (7).

12. Anemia

This is the disease caused due to the lack of iron in the diet. Broccoli is lush with the goodness of the iron that can prevent the occurrence of anemia.

13. Diabetes

Consumption of the broccoli helps in the regulating the sugar in the blood thus preventing the occurrence of disease like diabetes (8).

14. Lower Blood Pressure

This is due to the goodness of minerals like the chromium and potassium found in the broccoli.

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