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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

14 Benefits of Garlic For Health

Garlic is among the primordial plant widely used by our ancestors. It is estimated that use of garlic trace back to thousands of years from now. It has been traditionally used as the seasoning agent and as the potent medicine in the various part of the world.

Almost all the part of the garlic plant is edible. The tender leaves and the mature cloves both are suitable for consumption.

Garlic is claimed to be native to china and the Mediterranean region. Although the precise place of origin of the garlic has not been ascertaining yet.

Garlic is claimed to be beneficial for the combat in the occurrence of heart disease, prevent digestive ailments, detoxification, proper functioning of the endocrine system in the human body.


Garlic is mostly propagated through the garlic cloves. Although the seeds can also be used to propagated the garlic.


Garlic grows well in the temperate climate but can grow well in the tropical and subtropical climate in the winter seasons.


Due to high sulfur content in the garlic, it is not advised to consume more than one medium size cloves of garlic in the single day by the mature individual.

Further, the children should be given one-quarter to half cloves of garlic depending on the age.


Garlic can be detrimental to the human health is consumed in the massive dose. Due to the blood thinning properties of the garlic consumption of the garlic can be detrimental to the patient taking the blood thinning medication.


Garlic is lush with the carbohydrate which comprises of more than thirty-three percent by volume, it has more than six percent of protein and less than one percent of fat.

Vitamins present in the garlic are the Vitamin C and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount.

Minerals present in the garlic are Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorous, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Sodium in varying amount (1).

 Health Benefits of the Garlic

1. Reduced Blood Pressure

Consuming Garlic is claimed to be effective in reducing the high blood pressure in the human body. Further, the intake of the garlic is claimed to reduce the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases.

2. Blood Purification

Blood purification is vital benefits of the garlic consumption. Due to the purification of blood, several health benefits like the healthy skin can be obtained.

3. Detoxification of the Heavy Metal

The consumption of the garlic is claimed to be effective in the removal of the toxic substance in the body (2).

Various toxic metal like lead can be detoxified from the body due to the consumption of the Garlic.

This is due to the innate sulfur content in the garlic.

4. Common Cold

Garlic is effective in the combat of the common cold in the human body. Garlic has the innate property to produce heat in the body.

5. Healthy Bone

Due to the lush in the goodness of minerals consumption of the garlic is associated with the healthy bone.

6. Reduce Cholesterol

It is generally claimed that consumption of the garlic is effective in the remedy of the bad cholesterol in the human body.

7. Prevent Alzheimer and Dementia

Consumption of the garlic is claimed to be effective in the combat of the Alzheimer and Dementia occurring during the old age.

8. Antimicrobial

Due to the innate Allicin, the sulfur-containing compound in the garlic which is effective in the combat of the Pathogens in the human body. Consumption of the garlic can avoid various disease caused by noisome pathogens in the human body (3).

9. Cancer

Various cancer occurring in the human body like colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer can be prevented by the intake of the garlic in the human body (4). There have been several claims on the possible development of the immunity of cancer by the intake of the garlic.

10. Fungal Infection

Garlic is potent to the fungal infection occurring in the human body. Various infections like the ringworms and athlete’s foot can be minimized after by the consumption.

11. Diabetes

Consumption of the garlic is associated with the regulation of the glucose in the human body. Due to this garlic consumption is believed to be beneficial for diabetes.

12. Anemia

Due to the innate iron content in the garlic, it can be effective in easing the occurrence of the disease like Anemia in the human body.

13 Memory Boosting

Due to the organic germanium present in the garlic, it is claimed to be effective in the boosting of the memory. Several super-learning pundits around the globe have recommended garlic consumption in moderation for optimum memory boosting.

14. Altitudinal Sickness

Traditionally garlic is used in the combat of the altitudinal sickness by the mountaineers from the long time back.

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