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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

13 Proven Health Benefits of Almond

Almond is the nutrient dense fruit widely praised around the world. Due to immense nutritional content in the Almond is one of the high price food around the globe.

Almond is the deciduous tree measuring ten meters in height. It has shorter life span merely reaching more than 25 Years old.

The ripen fruit is covered with the hard sell which needs to be extracted to make it suitable for the consumption.

Due to immense health benefits, our ancestors have domesticated almonds from the long time back (1).


Almond is considered to be native to the Asia (2). But, the Almond found in the natural condition is a not edible due to innate toxicity. It is difficult to estimate which wild almond tree has been domesticated by our ancestors.


Propagation can be done from the seed. Humans have been planting the almond from a long time back when the idea of the vegetative propagation was in rudimentary phase.

Nowadays due to decreasing in fruiting time commercial cultivator use the vegetative means of propagation.


A person with the history of nut allergy needs to avoid the consumption of the almond. This is due to the fact that nut allergy is caused due to the immune response to plant protein by the human body.


Almond is lush in the goodness of nutrition required for the human body. The predominant part of the Almond comprises of the Fat which is around fifty percent by volume, around twenty-one percent of the protein and twenty-one percent of carbohydrate respectively. 

Vitamins present in the Almond are the Vitamin A, K, Choline and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9.

Minerals present in the Almond are Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and calcium respectively (3).  

Health Benefits of the Almond

1. Prevent Cellular Damage

Due to the content of the vitamin E that acts as the potent antioxidant to prevent the damage. This is the peculiar benefits of the consumption of the nuts like Almond.

2. Regulate the Sugar Level

Almond is lush in the Magnesium that is vital to regulate sugar level in the human body (4).

Further, high amount of fiber that is more than twelve percent by volume can be beneficial for the adequate bowel movement in the human body.

Consumption of the almond is believed to regulate the consumption and regulation of the glucose in the blood.

3. Healthy Bone

Almond is lush in the goodness of the minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and phosphorous which is vital for the mentioning healthy bone in the human body.

4. Anemia

This is the disease marked by the deficiency of the iron in the diet. Almond being lush in the Iron can be effective in the combat of severe disease like Anemia.

5. Blood Pressure

The innate goodness of the mineral like potassium and Magnesium, which are vital for mentioning the adequate amount of blood pressure in the human body (5).

6. Weight Loss

This seems surprising that the diet with more than half of the portion comprise of fat can help in the weight loss.

In reality, this is true as less than fifteen percent of the calories in the nut can be metabolized by the human body (6).

7. Lactose Intolerance

Almond milk can be beneficial to individuals with the lactose intolerance symptoms.

Drinking almond milk in empty stomach is claimed to increase the absorption process of nutrition.

8. Cognitive Power

Almond contains the vital nutrient required for the adequate function of the brain. Due to this consumption of the almond help in the boosting of the cognitive power.

The presence of the Riboflavin, L – carnitine is vital for the adequate functioning of the human brain. This can be effective in the combat of disease like the Alzheimer’s that can occur during dotage.

9. Colon Cancer

Almond is lush with the goodness of the fiber and chemical required for the adequate functioning of the cell.

Consumption of the almond drastically reduces the occurrence of colon cancer occurrence in the human body.

10. Pregnancy

Almond is lush with the folic acid, the consumption of which can drastically decrease the risk of the miscarriage during the pregnancy.

11. Prevent Occurrences of Gall Stone

Regular consumption of the Almond is believed to reduce the occurrence of the Gallstone formation in the bile (7).

12. Hunger

Unjustified hunger occurring in the human body can be soothed by the consumption of the Almond.

13. Healthy Heart

Almond has the innate goodness to lower the bad cholesterol in the human body. The fatty Almond is lush with the essential chemicals and nutrition that helps in mentioning healthy heart.