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Sunday, March 19, 2017

13 Miracles of World Largest Fruit Jackfruit

Jackfruit is the world largest fruit and a single fruit can measure more than 35 Kilogram. The weird appearance of the jackfruit is often noticed around the globe.

Jackfruit is the perennial tree that can measure around 30 meters when fully grown. These immense trees produce the world largest fruit often known as Jackfruit (1).

Jackfruit is important fruit in the native region. Due to prolific production capacity and lush with the goodness of nutrition jackfruit is the boon in the native region.

Unripe Jackfruit is consumed as vegetable whereas ripe jackfruit is consumed as the fruit.

The unripe jackfruit mimic the taste of meat hence highly praised by the veggies.


The origin of the jackfruit is believed to be from Asia. Jackfruit trees are found in the forest of the native region (2).

Climatic Requirement

Jackfruit is often referred to as the tropical fruit. It grows well in the humid tropical region during the summer season. But also flourish at the temperate region.

Unlike other tropical fruit, jackfruit does not require intensive care. This is the reason for the immense popularity of Jackfruit.


Due to lush with the goodness our ancestors has been domesticating the jackfruit from the long time back.

How to Consume

It is essential to consume jackfruit by properly removing the skin. Jackfruit contains sticky resins so it is mandatory to use hand gloves during the peeling process. Both the ripe and unripe jackfruit need to prepare carefully.

Raw jackfruit cannot be eaten and is indigestible due to the presence of trypsin inhibitor (3).

The seed obtained from the ripe Jackfruit can be boiled in water and can be consumed by peeling the outer skin.

Myth in Native Region

Vehicles in the Native region did not carry the jackfruit. It is generally perceived that Carrying jackfruit in the vehicles drastically increases the risk of the accident.

Anyone traveling in the native region needs to avoid carrying Jackfruit in the public vehicles.


The ripe jackfruit produces the distinguished order which can be repelling to some individuals.


Propagation can be done with the seeds. Generally, for the commercial cultivation propagation is mostly done by vegetative means. Plant propagated through the seeds requires a long time to bear fruit.

Invasive Species

Due to a massive number of seeds inside the fruit, which has the potent germination capacity plantation of the jackfruit other than, the native region can create havoc.

Jackfruit can be lethal to the native species due to prolific dispersal capacity.

There is the clear example of its prolific spread capacity in the brazilin forest.

World Hunger

Jackfruit is immense in shape and lush with the carbohydrate that can soothe the world hunger (4).

It is claimed that Jackfruit has the innate capacity to solve the hunger that is rife in Africa.

The notable ability of the jackfruit to flourish in the harsh condition rises the interest on it.


Jackfruit is lush with the carbohydrate and the person suffering from diabetes needs to take precaution on its consumption. Consuming the jackfruit can spike the blood sugar level to high level.

Due to an appealing sweet taste of the Jackfruit anyone is inclined to consume more which can create health problems.

Jackfruit interferes with the calcium carbonate. It is essential to avoid consuming calcium carbonate after jackfruit consumption.

People with the allergy towards jackfruit need to avoid its consumption.

Despite the innate goodness pregnant women need to consume Jackfruit in moderation.


Jackfruit is lush with the goodness of nutrient required for the human body in varied proportion.

The predominant part of the jackfruit comprises of carbohydrate which represents around twenty-three percent, around two percent protein and the negligible amount of fat.

Vitamins present in the Jackfruit are the Vitamin A, C, E and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 in different proportion.

Minerals present in the Jackfruit are Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous, Sodium, Manganese, Magnesium in varying amount (5).

Health Benefits of Eating Jackfruits

1. Energy

Jackfruit is lush with the goodness of carbohydrate that is essential for the energy production. Moderate consumption of the Jackfruit result in the elevation of the glucose level in the human body.

2. Aphrodisiac

Traditionally Jackfruit is regarded to have the aphrodisiac power. The Chinese medicine claims that Jackfruit has the aphrodisiac power.

3. Good Vision

Jackfruits contain the vitamin A that is vital for the optimum functioning of the eye. Moderate consumption of the Jackfruit can be beneficial for the adequate vision.

4. Cancer

The cumulative effects of flavonoids, phytonutrients, an antioxidant can be beneficial for the combat against Cancer. Cancer which is the result of uncontrolled growth of the cell triggered by several factors can be prevented (6).

5. Constipation

Due to the content of the adequate amount of fiber in the Jackfruit consumption of which can be beneficial for the smooth bowel movement.

6. Bone Health

Due to the lush in the goodness of minerals required for the adequate functioning of the human body healthy bone can be obtained. Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous innate in the Jackfruit can perform the beneficial function.

7. Mention Sugar Level

Due to the adequate content of the Manganese in the Jackfruit moderate consumption of the Jackfruit is believed to have the beneficial effect in the regulation of sugar level in the blood.

8. Colorectal Cancer

The cases of the colorectal cancer are skyrocketing in our age. Jackfruit is lush with the anticancer properties that are beneficial in the prevention of colorectal cancer.

Further, the presence of vitamin E which acts as the antioxidant preventing the damage at a cellular level. This effect is highly beneficial to prevent the occurrence of cancer in the human body.

9. Immune System

Jackfruit is lush with the vitamin C, which is essential to mention healthy immune system. Due to the boosting of the immune system, several diseases like that occurred due to pathogens can be prevented.

10. Healthy Heart

Jackfruit contains potassium, which is vital for the normal functioning of the heart. It is low in sodium, which is beneficial for the healthy heart.

11. Asthma

Consumption of Jackfruit is often soothing the effect of respiratory ailments like asthma occurring in the human body.

12. Anemia

Anemia is due to lack of iron in the diet. Jackfruit is lush with the iron, which is vital for the formation of red blood cell in the human body (7).

13. Thyroid

Thyroid problems are skyrocketing in our age. Both the hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be detrimental to the human health.

Jackfruits contain the Copper that is essential for the adequate functioning of the thyroid gland in the human body.

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