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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

13 Appealing Reasons to Consume Papaya

Papaya is one of the popular and widely consumed fruits around the world. Papaya is believed to be native to the tropics of the America. Due to ease of production and many health benefits due to its consumption, it has remained as the popular fruit around the globe.

Papaya tree is the perennial tree that can attend the height of more than 10 meters. Papaya is distinguished with the other plant due to its leaf. The leaf of the papaya can have more than 70 centimeters in diameter (1).

Papaya is the evergreen tree producing fruit year round. Further, growing Papaya in the backyard does not require intensive care.

Papaya was traditionally used to cure the ailments that cause malaria. Seeds obtained from the papaya have the capacity to expel the worms from the human body.


The seed mostly does propagation of the papaya. It can hardly stand for more than five years.


Papaya has distinct three sexes one is male and the other is female and next is the hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodite refers to two sex organ is the single plant.

Both the male and the female are not suitable for the production. The hermaphrodite which contains both the male and female part are suitable for the production (2).


Papaya can be grown in tropical climate although it can be grown in temperate and subtropical climate. Usually, papayas avoid water logged soil, permafrost, and frost.

How to consume

Papaya contains skin that must be adequately peeled before consumption. The skin has the noisome taste. The numerous seeds need to be removed before consumption that covers the kernel of the papaya.

Usually, papaya is consumed when it get ripen. As ripen papaya is sweet in taste whereas unripe papaya is dull in taste.

In the rural part of the world, unripe papaya is often consumed as the vegetable. Unripe papaya is occasionally consumed raw by mixing with the various condiments.


Due to the interference of the uterus during pregnancy. It is not advised to consume during the late stage of the pregnancy.


Papaya is lush with the goodness of the essential nutrient required for the human body.

Papaya has more than ten percent of the carbohydrate by volume and has less than one percent protein and fat combined in the single volume.

Vitamins present in the papaya are the vitamin A, C, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, and B9.

Minerals present are calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, and iron in different proportion (3).

Health benefit of eating Papaya

1. Digestion

Due to the goodness of innate fiber and enzyme papain that is beneficial for smooth digestion. Further, high water content in the papaya helps inadequate bowel movement.

Anyone with chronic constipation can benefit from the intake of the unripe papaya.

2. Healthy Heart

Due to the adequate content of the potassium and other essential vitamins required for the human body healthy heart can be obtained.

3. Lower Cholesterol

Papaya has the capacity to prevent the oxidation of the cholesterol due to the goodness of the nutrition. This can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood in long run (4).

4. Arthritis 

Regular consumption of papaya is believed to ease several symptoms of Arthritis. 

5. Colon Cancer

Cancer like that which occurs in the colon can be prevented by the regular intake of the papaya. This is due to the goodness of vitamin C, E, Folate, and beta-carotene.

The Recent surge in the colon cancer rate can be panic to every age group. Papaya can helps to ease such panic (5).

6. Healthy Bone

Due to the lush in Vitamin K and minerals like calcium and magnesium required for the human body bone health can be improved. As the deficiency of vitamin K is associated with the bone fracture (6).

7. Asthma

Due to the Beta-carotene present in the papaya that is effective in preventing asthma in different age group.

8. Antioxidant

The antioxidants present in the papaya are the Zeaxanthin, vitamin C that has the capacity to neutralize the free radical in the cell.

Free radical are claimed to be one of the causative factors of rapid aging. Consuming of the papaya helps to ease the adverse effects.

9. Healthy Skin

The photolytic enzyme present in the papaya can be beneficial to mention healthy skin.

11. Immune System

The overall boosting of the immunity is due to the presence of the vitamin c in adequate proportion (7).

12. Menstruation Pain

Consumption of the papaya is claimed to reduce the menstruation pain occurs during the time of menstruation. This is due to the interference of uterus by the goodness of papaya.

13. Vision

Due to the goodness of vitamin, An adequate vision can be acquired due to the papaya consumption. Deficiency of vitamin A causes difficulty in vision during the night (8).

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