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Monday, March 13, 2017

10 Health benefits of Rarest and Exotic Food Rambutan

Rambutan is the edible fruit native to Southeast Asia. The weird appearance of Rambutan is astonishing to every individual.

Rambutan is the evergreen tree and can grow the height of around twenty meters above the ground.

Rambutan is widely cultivated in the countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam (1). Anyone outside the native region can be dumbfounded by the bizarre look of this fruit. The taste of the fruit is like that of lychee.

The fruit is available primarily in two colors one is red and other is yellow. This weird looking fruit is not popular around the globe. Due to this many people lacks the health benefit of its consumption.

It takes three months to complete the flowering and fruiting stage.

Climatic Requirement

Rambutan grows in the tropical climate and sensitive to the temperature drop. The drop of temperature below ten degree centigrade can be devastating to the Rambutan.

In the suitable climatic condition, the Rambutan can bear fruit twice in a year.

How to Consume

Rambutan can be consumed by making the incision at the middle part of the fruit. With gently squeezing at the side of the fruit the inner part Rambutan can be exposed. The exposed Rambutan is than consume by excluding the inner seed.

Rambutan is often consumed in fresh form. For long term preservation canning is done in larger scale.


Propagation is generally carried out by vegetative means. Vegetative means of propagation can be lucrative as the fruiting takes place early. Generally, the fruiting takes place in two years in the vegetatively propagated species whereas six years in the plant propagated by seed.


Though the inner juicy and fleshy parts of Rambutan are edible the outer skin and inner seed are not edible.


Rambutan is lush with the carbohydrate that comprises of more than twenty percent of the total volume. It has less than one percent of protein and fat by total volume combined.

Rambutan is lush with the goodness of water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C and B complex like B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9

Minerals present in the Rambutan are calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, copper in varied proportion (2).

Health benefit of eating Rambutan

1. Weight Gain

Rambutan is lush with the carbohydrate. The carbohydrate level is intermediate between potato and white rice. Potato contains around seventeen percent of carbohydrate whereas white rice contains twenty-eight percent of carbohydrate. Whereas Rambutan contains more than twenty percent of the carbohydrate.

Due to the lush in the content of the carbohydrate, this can be the healthy alternative for anyone wishing to gain weight.

2. Pregnancy

Due to the lush with the goodness of nutrition Rambutan can be consumed by the pregnant women (3).

3. Antioxidant

Due to the content of vitamin c that acts as the potent antioxidant. The damaging effect at the cellular level by free radical can be prevented by its consumption.

The Gallic acid in the Rambutan is effective to get rid of the noisome effect of free radical in the cell.

4. Boost the Immune System

The innate vitamin C content in the Rambutan is effective for adequate function of immunity in the human body. The various noisome effect caused by lack of immunity in the human body can be prevented by the consumption of the Rambutan.

5. Intestinal Parasite

Consuming the Rambutan fruit can be effective in the elimination of the intestinal parasite in the human body.

6. Healthy Bone

Due to lush with the goodness of minerals like Iron, calcium, phosphorous, require mentioning the healthy bone consumption of the Rambutan can help to mention the healthy bone in the human body (4).

7. Prevent Cancer

Due to the lush in the antioxidant consumption of the Rambutan can prevent the adverse damage of the cell preventing the occurrence of cancer in the human body.

8. Get Rid of Unwanted Fat

The consumption of Rambutan is claimed to get rid of the unwanted fat in the human body. Due to the negligible amount of fat innate in it combined with the goodness of nitration on Rambutan it can be beneficial to human health (5).

9. Blood Cell Formation

Due to the content of copper and magnesium in trace amount consuming the Rambutan is claimed to generate red and white blood cell in human body.  

10. Kidney Waste

The phosphorous content in the Rambutan is claimed to be effective to get rid of kidney waste.

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